Photo My 8 year old Brit has Cushings and recently went blind. I will love her forever and now she will be

From what I can find Brittany Spaniels aren`t specifically prone to Cushings disease. I`ve found that Beagles, Boston Terriers, Boxers, Dachshunds, Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers are more prone than

Photo I have a Brittany that is 1-2 years old. Lately he has been attacking men. It has been delivery men

He is protecting his territory and he feels he is the dominate figure in the house. He believes that he must protect you and his house. Ideally, you should become the dominate figure in his life and

Photo I dont have a brittany yet, but i was wondering just how much they shed. I know that a lot of web-si

I have a 1yr old Brittany. She does not shed much at all. Rarely notice any hair from her.

Photo do they shed?

I had a Brit...he did shed a bit. I would tend to agree with what the lab owner said. Sadly, I just lost my Berkley a few weeks ago. He started having seizures one Friday night. He had so many tha

Photo Ok im getting a brit soon and im planning on showing it, is there any kind of grooming that is neede

I have a 13 year old Male Brittany and he is the best dog in the world! Our families opinion. Oliver has been a loyal companion and a part of our family. Brittanies need daily exercise. Very light

Photo I just bought a britt he is 8 weeks old will his eyes stay blue or change to a different color if so

I have a 9 month old Brittany and his eyes remained a blueish-green color.

Photo I am an active outdoors enthusiast living in Newfoundland. I would like to know how this breed will

No problem in the cold. I could not keep mine out of cold water with snow on the ground. He had no problem retrieving my down ducks. They love snow and it is a blast to spend time with your pup in sn

Photo Are they good for families, or only hunting?

They are great for hunting and families! Lacey loves to go out in the field but when she is at home she loves to play and cuddle!

Photo I'm getting a female Brittany pup in a few short weeks. One person I talked to, who has a 5 month ol

My Brittany is 1.5 years old and she loves to go in the car. We go up north all the time with her (3 hour drive) and we have never had a problem yet! She was also very easy to train.

Photo I have a 5 year old Brittany. He just lost his companion for all but the first 12 weeks of his life

Don't get a male this late on, they can become agressive and territorial. Females are a safer bet however you will need to be around for a lot of the bonding process to make sure nothing bad happens.

Photo I just got a brittany spaniel - 1 year old and he sheds quite a lot - every time he comes near me I
Photo Im thinking of buying a Brittany and I was wondering what is better to get a female or male?
Photo Our dog Hank is so sweet and loveable! He is always wanting to please us. Sometimes I wander if he

I have 3 britts and they will run until they drop literally... As long as you keep them hydrated they will be ok. iF i Take them for a long run I bring water with, will drink a bunch then keep going

Photo Hello everyone. I am afraid I may have made a mistake and puppy will suffer. We just bought an 8wk

I have had Brittany spaniels for years. They are very active and can desire a lot of attention. One thing i will tell you is that keeping the dog inside and plan on hunting him can be a problem as the

Photo I have an eight-month-old male Brittany. He is very lovable (and loved) and playful; he eats well,

Wow, that sounds like our 7 month old male "Shiner". He is very mouthy and while he doesnt actually bite, he does tend to put his mouth on our hands while we are walking - and is mouthy seek

Photo Is this breed particularly susceptible to motion sickness ? Does anyone have any remedies ?

We have a 4 year old Brittany and she thinks the car can not leave the house if she is not in it. She stands between my wife and I and looks straight down the road and loves it. we recently took a 4 h

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