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(Griffon Belge, Griffon Bruxellois, Brussels Griffon, Petit Brabancon, Belgian Griffon) There are three varieties of Griffon. The Belgian Griffon has a coat that is long and wiry with tufts of fringe around its face. The coat of the Brussels Griffon is longer than that of the Belgian Griffon. The Petit Brabancon (the third variety of Griffon) has a smooth, short coat that is softer to the touch. The Griffon is a sturdily built toy dog breed with a squarely proportioned body. Their large head is domed and features an undershot jaw. The ears of the Griffon are usually cropped and their high-set tail is usually docked. Their noses are very short and their eyes are large and glossy. The Griffon’s coat exists in a number of colors including red, red-brown and black, black and tan, or solid black.

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The Griffon is an intelligent, lively toy dog with a personality much like that of a terrier. They make excellent companion dogs because of their charming demeanors, cheerful disposition, and ability to learn tricks quickly. The Griffon has a lot of personality and loves to be showered with affection and attention. Sometimes high strung and moody, the Griffon can be demanding and somewhat spoiled. They can be picky eaters and may be difficult to housebreak. They are also barkers. Griffons can be good watchdogs and they cooperate well with older children.

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7 – 8 inches
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6 – 12 pounds
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General Health

The Griffon can be difficult to breed. Some Griffons are susceptible to slipped stifle, eye problems, and respiratory problems. The Griffon typically lives for 12 to 15 years. They average 2 puppies per litter.

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The first Griffon was shown at the Brussels Exhibition in 1880. Similar breeds to the Griffon were displayed in the artwork of Van Eyck, the Flemish painter. The Griffon was initially kept by cab drivers in the 17th century to rid their stables of pests. Because of the Griffon’s lovable personality, the breed became utilized more and more heavily as a companion dog rather than a working dog. The smooth-coated variety of Griffon is likely a descendant of the pug. Other breeds that contributed to the Griffon include the Yorkshire Terrier, Irish Terrier, and English Toy Spaniel. The only breed of Griffon that is recognized by the AKC is the Brussels Griffon.

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The coat of the Brussels and Belgian Griffon requires much more grooming and maintenance than that of the smooth-coated Griffon. Griffons shed little to no hair.

Rough coated Griffons shed little to no hair. Smooth coated Griffons shed more seasonly.

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Ideal Environment

The Griffon is very active indoors and is capable of exercising on his own. They are happy in a small household or apartment and are content to live without a yard.

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Brussels Griffon Q&A

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Is it very important to have your Griffon puppy in a crate during the nite time? Is this where they need to sleep? Can they sleep on the bed? Also is the crate for play also? We are expecting a puppy in October and need a bit more info about sleeping and potty arrangements while a puppy. Thanks!

Mine are in a crate in the daytime while I am at work, but forget about it at night. Mine sleep with me and, other than Petra snoring, there has never been an accident or problem.


Brussels Griffon with natural ears, do they need training or taping?

I just leave my Grifs' ears alone. The older one's ears started to stand up on their own when she turned seven. I keep the hair clipped on the other one so his are 3/4 up.


Does a Brussel Griffin need grooming from a professional, can I groom him myself?

I have two Grifs and thank goodness I am a groomer. The Petitie Brabicon (short hair) sheds like crazy and the Brussels Griffon needs his hair stripped on a regular basis. He does not shed and the undercoat will mat up unless stripped. I do not want to cut his coat because it will change the texture and I love his wiry coat.


Is it better to have two griffons rather than one, so they don't get lonley?

I think that you should start with one, and maybe next year if the pup is still acting lonely, get him/her a play buddy. My Silky Terrier (2 years/female) and Griffonshire (Griffon crossed with yorkie/rescued from the park/1.5 years/female) play really well together!


Our Grif is always licking us, the other dogs, or just even the air. What's the best way to break him of this habit? Or is it just the way they are and should be mostly left alone?

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