Photo Is it very important to have your Griffon puppy in a crate during the nite time? Is this where they

Mine are in a crate in the daytime while I am at work, but forget about it at night. Mine sleep with me and, other than Petra snoring, there has never been an accident or problem.

Photo Brussels Griffon with natural ears, do they need training or taping?

I just leave my Grifs' ears alone. The older one's ears started to stand up on their own when she turned seven. I keep the hair clipped on the other one so his are 3/4 up.

Photo Does a Brussel Griffin need grooming from a professional, can I groom him myself?

I have two Grifs and thank goodness I am a groomer. The Petitie Brabicon (short hair) sheds like crazy and the Brussels Griffon needs his hair stripped on a regular basis. He does not shed and the u

Photo Is it better to have two griffons rather than one, so they don't get lonley?

I think that you should start with one, and maybe next year if the pup is still acting lonely, get him/her a play buddy. My Silky Terrier (2 years/female) and Griffonshire (Griffon crossed with yorkie

Photo Our Grif is always licking us, the other dogs, or just even the air. What's the best way to break hi

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