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i have a quick question even if bull terrier's are raised with other household pets can they get aggresive towards them when grows up to be a adult dog

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NO. I have a miniature bull terrier female and she gets along fantastic with my male chihuahua! I believe it all comes down to how you raise them and train them. I would also take her to doggy daycare as a puppy and a few times a month so she became socialized with other dogs and people. Both my dogs go on regular walks EVERYDAY together as well(15-30 min. 2x day). The only problem (if you would call it one) is my chihuahua is 5 years old and he kinda gets annoyed with her because she wants to play all the time, BUT it never turns into a fight or anything aggressive.


you shouldnt have problems if you remain the pack leader-they just need to understand their place ,same as all dogs really. generally if theyve been brought up together they should be fine

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