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I presently have a 9 year old springer, who is very babied but usually get along well with other dogs. I am concerding adopting a 9 mon. bullmastiff. Do I have to worry about them getting along?

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As long as you introduce them properly, they should do fine. I would be more worried about your springer getting along with the Bully rather than the other way around. We have a 14Mo old Bullmastiff who is best friends with our Maltese!! We introduced them when he was 3mos and the maltese was 6yrs, she was very upset with us at first but took to him almost right away. Just be sure to allow for time apart especially in the beginning, and keep in mind the pack mentality that they often work things out on their own. Bullies are known for being great with other dogs and people, but the more you find out about the new dog, the better. You know your springer, so trust your instincts!

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