Photo my bullmastiff is 10 months old and his bottom jaw is covered in boiles and are starting around the

possible allergic reaction to his dog bowls.... Use only stainless steel bowls - NO ceramic or plastic... will take a few weeks to clear up.....

Photo I have a BM he is 8 months old. His back is 35 cm. And the front has not caught up yet. Im concerned

Hi, I am a bulmastiff breader and have got many of my own. Would you mind sending me a picture to and I will have a look at him and get back to you Thanks

Photo I have a bull mastiff he is 22 mths he has boils on both of his hind legs what can i do about them a

You should get checked out by Vet but I know that it is common for the breed. My friends English Mastiff had cysts like boils he had it check out by vet and removed for vanity but when they did the v

Photo hi i have a 7 month old male bm he weighs 92 pounds but looks kind of slim he eats lots buy runs alo

what people seem to forget is that these "giant" breeds grow much slower then an average sized dog. feeding 5 cups of food at one sitting is far to much food to put into the stomach. do a

Photo I have a beautifull 9mth old bullmastiff, but i think he might be a little smaller than what he shou

20 to 24 inches 30 to 45 kgs

Photo what would the average size of my female bullmastiff be at the age of 6 months

mine is 45 pounds right now and the vet says it will be 100 pounds

Photo Ok this is a simple question my bully was underweight i have started to give him a pint of full fat

what sort of milk are you using? dogs can't digest cows milk properly. Goats milk is much better and will also help more with theweight gain

Photo I presently have a 9 year old springer, who is very babied but usually get along well with other dog

As long as you introduce them properly, they should do fine. I would be more worried about your springer getting along with the Bully rather than the other way around. We have a 14Mo old Bullmastiff

Photo I have an 11month old bullmastiff male, healthy and active weighing in at 100lbs ; is that the norm/

The AKC states the normal Bullmastiff should be 110-130lbs full grown. However there isn't a standard to compare year-old dogs against, if your Bully appears to be healthy and active chances are he's

Photo We have a year old Bullmastiff who started develping crusty rashes on his skin and losing small patc
Photo How much should my 11 month old male weigh?

I have an 11 month old Bullmastiff Zeus and he weighs 97 lbs (44 kilos) we had a visit to the vet today to have him weighed so this is via the vets scales - they vet said he was good shape and size no

Photo I am getting a male BullMastiff in two weeks when he is ready to leave his mother. I have a two ye

No, if the Bullmastiff grows up with the St. Bernard and learns to trust him, they will be fine. When you introduce them try to keep them in neutrul ground, away from sleeping quarters or food. And ma

Photo Hello, I need some advice. My one year old bullmastiff female barked and growled at my 18 month old
Photo We have a 5 month old male Bullmastiff who is so nice and adorable but very stubborn. He's extremely

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it. I'm gonna try that ASAP. :)

Photo i have a 12 month old bullmastiff he is very good and very soft with our baby girl of 14months the p

hi do you have a picture i have two dogs a full bull mastiff cream with mask and a brindle boxer mastiff his nose is slightly longer but has the head of a mastiff but his nose is wrong body of a boxer

Photo hi,i am considering taking a 3 year old english bull mastiff. having spoke to his present owner i a
Photo My 8 month old puppy is walking on only 3 legs. I'm unsure if she's pulled a muscle, or maybe broken

just had the same problem with 2 yr old cruciate ligament damage , been referred to specialist vets £3000 for surgery on one leg . said both legs will have to be done as one has been over compensat

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