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what would the average size of my female bullmastiff be at the age of 6 months

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mine is 45 pounds right now and the vet says it will be 100 pounds

Mine is also 6 mths and is 48 pounds.

Mine is 6 mos. and weighs 70lbs.

Mine is 9 mo. and 75lbs

Mine is 79lbs at 8 months and was 59lbs at 6 months.

Our boy is 6 months and 60lbs. The vet says he is healthy.

Our boy is 5 months and 70lbs. He'll be a giant. :)

The best guide to go by for a male bullmastiff is 10lbs for each month of life plus 10lbs (give or take a few lbs). At 5 mos he should be 60lbs (50 +10). At 6 mos he should be 70lbs (60 +10) At 7mos he should be 80lbs (70+10) and so on. My boy is 6mos and three weeks and weighs 82lbs. At seven months he should be around 84lbs. He is a shade above the average, but his parents were large (mom 125lbs / dad 140lbs). I have charted his growth rate and he averages 3 lbs per week, sometimes 2lbs, sometimes 4lbs.

My "little" girl is 105lbs at 7.5 months

my bullmastiff is 7 month and 4days old weight 54,6 kg is 120,1 lbs lars from holland

are you sure its a bullmastiff and not an English Mastiff!?!?!?

my female BM is 7 months and is 85 lb

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