Photo we adopted a cane corso at 10 months old. He was brought up wrong and has to be managed at all times

Did you manage to re train the poor dog?

Photo Hi, I am a single mother of six my children range from ages 7 to16 years of age and I have never bee

It would be stupid to listen to what other people say. You are the mother and you know what's best for your children. I, as well, am a single mother of six (ages 7-18) and my children have been brough

Photo Hi I have a 4 month old cane corso named Sheba and I feed her eukanuba puppy food mixed with rice an

Feed your dog pork cooked well done and go to meat locker ask for cracklins mix that with your dog food.

Photo I have a 3 year old Corso which attempts to mount all other animals male and female, I thought it wa

It's a bad habit of behaviour. Like humans, dogs are intelligent enough to form good and bad habits, except they need a constant reminder (at least at first) to break or put on habits you enforce for

Photo Help! We bought our second Cane Corso puppy in August after our first had to be put to sleep due to

The dog sees you as weak. It's been trained off others so doesn't respect you. You need to be firm immediately and must be pack leader don't use its name when reprimanding the dog. You need to own eve

Photo Hi there i got 2 Cane Corso puppies imported from Hungary that are 45 days old now. After 3 days

Take them to the vet, it could be parvo, the sooner the better. It's good that you are alert to your puppies needs.

Photo How much should a 4 month old cane corso weigh?

at five months my cane weighted 45 pounds now at seven months she weights 75 pounds

Photo My husband and I are thinking of getting a Cane Corso Italiano mastiff and my husband was talking to

If you are thinking about getting a Cane Corso, I would recommend getting one as a puppy. This will prevent future aggression if you socialize it at this age. Their bite is greater than the pitbulls

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