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(Azores Cattle Dog) The Cão de Fila de Sao Miguel has a medium-sized build, but it is much heavier than the majority of average-sized breeds. They have a square-shaped head and a powerful set of jaws. Their eyes are dark brown in color and their ears are typically docked into a rounded shape. Their trunk and limbs are fiercely muscled, prompting the dogs to waddle slightly when it walks. Their short-haired coat is streaked and exists in a number of colors including reddish-yellow and gray in a variety of different shades. White patches or markings may exist on the chest, chin, and feet. The tails of this breed are usually docked.

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The Cão de Fila de Sao Miguel is an aggressive, rustic working breed that is highly capable and quick to learn. They are able to remain outdoors all year round, guarding herds, possessions, and their home. They are excellent guard dogs and protectors. They are highly intelligent and will obey a variety of commands issued by their owner. They possess a sharp temperament and are very leery of strangers, but they are devoted and docile around their owner. This breed isn’t recommended for first time dog owners. They require firm training from an experienced, dominant owner.

The Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel can be very protective of children and are not always temperamental and aggressive. Most will only be aggressive if provoked and are other wise very friendly and lovable. This breed is very loyal and will die for their owners if needed.

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19 – 24 inches
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45 – 90 pounds
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General Health

The Cão de Fila de Sao Miguel has no reported health issues or concerns. This breed typically lives for about 15 years.

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Upon the discovery of the Azorean islands in 1427, the terrain was covered by vegetation that was nearly impossible to penetrate. There weren’t any mammals on the islands to get rid of this excessive growth, so the sailors of Prince Henry deposited cattle onto the fringe of the islands. In 1439, there were abundant herds of domestic cattle in Sao Miguel. This brought about the need for a cattle dog to control the herds. The herding breed that was initially used in this endeavor was called the fila de Terceira. This breed is now extinct, but prior to that time, it was bred with molossers to create the Cão de fila de Sao Migual. The Cão de fila de Sao Migual became a pivotal part of the cattle-breeding process. They are an excellent guarding breed.

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The short-haired coat of the Cão de Fila de Sao Miguel needs very little grooming. The breed’s coat should be brushed a few times per week.

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Ideal Environment

The Cão de Fila de Sao Miguel needs plenty of room to work and play and a job to perform. They are not suited for life in a small household or apartment. They need lots of daily exercise, and they should live next to their owner.

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hi one of my cao de fila a 2 year old male has developed knee displacia and requires surgery is this common

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