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I've only found one breeder of Carolina dogs. Does anyone have anymore information on different breeders?

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Do you know anyone in SC or GA? They turn up in shelters and rescues all the time. Most are labeled as shepherd lab mixes. If it looks too shepherd, it probably is a shepherd.

I found mine at a pound in NC. They labled her as a shepard/terrier mix. I was not sure exactly what I had but I knew her behaviors, crazy big ears, and indepedent shy personality was neither a shep.or terrier. I was truly rewarding to save her from certian death and she has been forever grateful. Many of these dogs are abandoned. People think they are mutts so they are looking for cute purbreeds. I can tell you this is the best dog I've ever know or owned. She is easy to care for. I've lived in an apartment & home as long as I give her a nice walk she is very happy. They are very easy to train & very smart. Good luck in your search! Try and save one without a home if you can :)

There is a web site for carolina dogs. The lady is in California, near San Fran if memory is still working, she has contacts across the country for breeders and rescue groups. I think the site is My Beardog is part chow chow, black mouth and 90 lbs. The coloring, personality, and tail are Carolina dog. He was a stray, 3 months old with flop over ears, could not resist the little guy. Another great shelter dog for us.

There is a breeder in South Carolina and one in California. The one in Cali got her foundation stock from the one in SC. If you live closer to SC, try the shelters. A lot of them end up there, mislabeled as mix breeds.

There are a few breeders out there and each year a couple more are added. Some charge $1500 or more. There is one in S.C., one in California, one in Indiana (Lynches River Carolina Dogs), a couple in Texas (New Leaf Ranch) and the founder of the Breed, Dr. Brisbin, occasionally has a litter and those pups are free (but you cannot have them altered.) Ones found in the shelters maybe Carolina Dog mixes. If you are looking in shelters to try and located one, look in N.C., S.C. and G.A. shelters. These have dogs most closest to a Carolina Dog.

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