Photo How bad do Carolina Dogs shed?

From my experience (mine has short hair) Carolina Dogs shed a lot less than other breeds. Added bonus, this is a dog that does not smell like a dog, even when wet, and rarely needs a bath.

Photo I read here that this dog should not live in cold weather conditions. I live in Illinois. The wint

I have one and I live in Wisconsin. She loves the snow and doesnt mind the cold weather. She would play outside all day in the single digits if I let her...but I don't. Maybe they mean they wouldn't d

Photo do carolina dogs come intri colars or blue meral like austrlian cattle dogs and austrlian shepherds?

Usually are not meral, saddleback or all white. Thats a typical Carolina Dog, but it is not unusual for there to be any range of traits they may have been added to the gene pool of a true Carolina Do

Photo I've only found one breeder of Carolina dogs. Does anyone have anymore information on different bre

Do you know anyone in SC or GA? They turn up in shelters and rescues all the time. Most are labeled as shepherd lab mixes. If it looks too shepherd, it probably is a shepherd.

Photo Are Carolina dogs able to live in cold temperatures for just a couple of months? It can get pretty c

Yes they can tolerate the cold especially if aclimated by taking them out or leaving them outside in a runfor a few hours a day. They will build a thick undercoat. As they reach old age they will be

Photo Are Carolina dogs non allergic dogs?

I have just discovered that my dog is a Carolina dog. I would not say that she is non allergic. I am allergic to her saliva and coat but love her anyway!!! She is a wonderful dog who tries hard to

Photo Just got a Carolina Dog, and am thrilled! I am living in an apartment currently and she seems to be

I assume my dog is mostly Carolina Dog. She is very active and does need a lot play time. She started out as a puppy in a large house with a large yard. Since then we now live in a small apartment.

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