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(Louisiana Catahoula Leopard, American Bulldog Hybrid) The Catahoula Bulldog is not a purebred dog, but rather a cross between the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard and the American Bulldog. It is a tight-skinned breed with a smooth, short-haired coat. In the majority of this breed’s cases, there is no undercoat. Colder climates can cause the Catahoula Bulldog to develop an under coat. The ears of this breed are of rose type or button over, and they are often cropped to give the dog a sophisticated appearance. The eyes of this breed vary in color, and they can come in a variety of hues including brown, ice blue, emerald green, gold, or a combination of any or all of the above. The breed’s coat also exists in a number of colors from merle to pure white.

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The Catahoula Bulldog is recognized as 50% Catahoula Leopard and 50% American Bulldog in the first generation cross. In succeeding generations it may be 75%-25% mix in either direction. The 75%-25% cross should not be exceeded to maintain the desirable characteristics of each breed.

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The Catahoula Bulldog is commonly utilized as a hunting, working, and protection dog. They make excellent companions. They have become a favorite family pet because of their beautiful coloring. They are loyal, devoted, and have strong protective instincts. While generally laid-back and mellow, this breed is alert to its surroundings and will react if it senses a threat. They love to please their owner(s) and are very patient with children. The Catahoula Bulldog needs firm, patient training from a person who can teach the dog what is expected of him. This breed is highly intelligent and learns quickly. They love to spend time with their family.

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24 – 26 inches
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75 – 100 pounds
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General Health


The Catahoula Bulldog is prone to several genetic defects, blindness, deafness and hip issues. Deaf dogs may only experience deafness in one ear. The same is true with blindness, it may only effect one eye.

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The Catahoula Bulldog is a very old American breed that is the result of a cross between the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard and the American Bulldog. While the Catahoula Bulldog has been bred for over a century, they are not a pure breed. Many dogs in this breed are not 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is not uncommon for breeders to mix multi-generation crosses. For this reason, there have been no legitimate records kept in regards to the Catahoula Bulldog.

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The Catahoula Bulldog doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Because they have short hair they require very little grooming.

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Ideal Environment


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How much do Catahoula Bulldogs cost

Well the average price for a Catahoula Bulldog is $500.00 if you get a registered one.

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