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Do cav puppies lose their puppy hair? If so, at what age?? I have a 12 week old male puppy who is losing all his hair. Is this normal?

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We have a 14 week old female puppy and she is also losing her coat. We discovered she had a small hernia at the same time her coat really started to change. Is this normal?

ive also got a 12 week old cavalier blenheim femal (belle) and she is really maulting but also as the other answer to your question she also has a small hernia so can anyone tell me whether this does have anything to do with why she is shedding and i mean its everywher e im suprised she has any fur left

Cavaliers normally go through heavier periods of shedding during the year. If it is winter they should shed less. I wouldn't be considered unless it is really a lot of hair and balding is appearing. Otherwise heavy shedding is common. And I don't think a hernia would affect shedding.

Have your puppy checked for demodectic mites.

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