Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Q&A

How well will a King Charles do with another adult dog but in a household where the owners are away 10 hours/day?Would like to get a puppy when I am off work but I will return to work eventually and would need to know that another dog's company would be ok without significant anxiety issues.

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If you have time to properly train your new puppy, he/she should do fine. Your other dog would love the company. The puppy will probably chew a lot when you’re gone since she will have so much energy. As long as you can give them exercise at the end of the day, they should be happy dogs.

Well, these dogs love other dogs company so I think they'd be ok but if your other dog is a big and bosterious dog or agressive I dont think you should get a Cavalier King Charles because they are only small and it might get hurt by a bigger dog, also your other dog might get jealous of your new dog. If you have a big dog you should get one of the same breed and prefably an adult one too because you'll have to train your puppy but make sure the dogs get on before leaving them on their own, maybe you could get a friend or neighbour to check on them while you are away.

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