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I have a 5 month old cavalier king charles,i cant seem to find a suitable food to give him,everything i give him seems to make hes toilet really loose,Could you reccomend a good food i could try.

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well my dog has a sensitive stomach and i use Science Diet, try that to see if it works!! diet, a mix of dry and works

I have tried a variety of foods with my 3 cavaliers. As you know they can be picky eaters. My babies stopped eating science diet, but they all 3 love Bil Jac. It is very easy for them to chew as well.

nutro natural choice puppy small 4 month old cav LOVES it and his stool is firm and he goes regularly.

i had the same problem with my cavalier puppy! i dont feed him wet food, just dry now, and he seems to be doing ok. just remember not to feed your dog too much and make sure that he doesnt eat anything he shouldnt!!maybe you could go to your vet and ask them what you could give him?

Maybe You Could Try Eukanuba? They Do A Dry Food Made Espesially For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs, As Well As Ones For Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Joints And A Special 'Excess Weight'. I Would Recommend Feeding Your Cavalier Dry Food. Don't Worry, My Cavalier Has The Same Problem! He's Had James Wellbeloved, Bakers, Pro-Plan, The Lot! I Now Feed Him On Purina Beta. He Doesn't Seem To Have Any Trouble With That, Maybe You Could Try That One Too? It's Cheaper Than Eukanuba, But I Think Maybe Eukanuba Sensitive Stomach Would Probably Be Better. Hope This Helps!

Ours had the same problem, can try boiling small (real small) piece of chicken and adding small portion to drive then start removing the chicken over time

Yes, Science diet worked for that problem for us too.

I feed my 4 Adult Cavaliers straight Purina Puppy Chow. I've used Science Diet and after awhile, they were losing weight and their coats didn't look good. According to my vet, Puppy Chow has all of the necessary nutrients for maintaining good health like the other expensive dog foods do. For people who have a Cav with loose stools, try some plain boiled rice mixed with boiled chicken. For pups, use 1/2 teas of cottage cheese to tighten stools. DO NOT feed dairy products to adult dogs tho. adult dogs become lactose intolerant as they age.

Cavaliers have a sensitive stomach that takes a while to adjust to new food. Unfortunately this usually displays as soft or liquid stools. Introduce new food slowly - just a teaspoon of wet or a few chunks of dry mixed with the current food. Slowly increase the amount of new food over about two weeks.

When my Cavalier was a baby we had a very hard time finding food that agreed with him. He would strain and bleed, and I had his stools tested many times. I tried all kinds of expensive foods, and then the vet recommended Nutro Brand Lamb and Rice formula (make sure it's the adult formula). You can buy it at the pet store and it is in a green bag with a large sheepdog on the front. It worked immediately, and now I can't feed my dog anything else. I even get the treats they make.

feed your dog how nature intended. RAW

As a vet tech, I am very picky to what my Cavies can eat. I feed mine Nature's Balance Limited Ingredient Diet. Currently they are into the Lamb and Brown Rice. They also love the Salmon and Sweet Potato and the Venison and Sweet Potato. I am not a fan of Science Diet, Iams or Eukanuba because they use corn as fillers, which dogs do not digest.

I recommend Wellness, Orijen, or Natural Balance. You want something higher in protein content and reduced fillers.

We have a 5 month old Cavalier also. We feed ours Chicken Soup for the puppy lovers soul and he seems to be fine. It is a holistic dog food and it cost about $27 for a 18 pound bag or $38 for a 35 pound bag. Good luck and I hope this has helped.

I give my puppy Royal Canin minis. It seems to be fine for him except he does tend to gain weight, so I have to limit how much he gets.

I give my puppy Royal Canin minis. It seems to be fine for him except he does tend to gain weight, so I have to limit how much he gets.

That is not right. Have you talked with your vet? Your dog could have a water borne parasite. I feed mine Fromm Puppy Gold dry food. 1/2 cup twice a day. Her sttols are firm and small. You could also try Orijen. Both are premium foods. My Cav is about 5 months old, and I will be switching her to Fromm adult food soon.

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