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I have a 6 month old male Blenheim puppy. He has reached the appropriate age for neutering but I am concerned about the possible effects of neutering on his structural growth. I was told that neutering before his growth plates have closed will encourage the dog to become "leggy" in his growth. Has anyone had this experience with their dogs ? What age should I get him neutered especially if I hope to maintain his good proportions ? He is well housebroken and so far has not displayed any marking tendencies.

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people say that if you neuter your cavalier at any age that they become lazy/fat which can lead to fatal heart problems consult your vet first and ask him everything you are worried about.

we had our cav neutured in february when he was six months old and he is just perfect he has grown to full height and weight he weighs 15 lb and is healthy happy and perfect it is best to have them fixed at this age and it stops any aggressiveness in other male or female dogs they may encounter...

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