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We just adopted a 6 month old pup but he is very skinny. Any help to improve his appetite will be appreciated. Currently on Science Diet but he's not eating much

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try putting cottage cheese in the dish as well i have found that it has worked

Cavaliers tend to go through a 'skinny phase' when they are younger due to their growing so tall so fast and not filling out fast enough. Although if you are worried, I would try putting some peanut butter on a bone for you pup to lick off. They love it and it will get a little more fat and protein in their system!

At petstores there is this stuff in a tube it is call Nutri-cal or Nutri-stat they are virtually the same thing look at the back. Anyhow this stuff works wonders because my cavalier is very pick too and I give a tbs in the morning and it keeps her eating 2 bowls of food a day. Good Luck :) Also try natures recipie venision food that is the only food my cavalier will eat she is 11 months old.

OMG Purina and Royal Canin, no wonder your pets are not healthy coats and skinny. These foods I am afraid are junk. The best food out there is Orijen and my Cav is a healthy beautiful full coat pup. My Cat is also on Orijen and it had diabetes and liver, kidney failure. My vet was shocked when I got it off the medi-cal (royal canin sold at vets offices) and he was completely cured!!!! NO more insulin shots and both are absolutely gorgeous pets!

Give your Cavalier raw food. You can buy it from reputable pet food stores and they keep it in the freezer. My Cav is a female and she is crazy for it. I actually microwave it so it is cooked. She is 4 months old and weighs about 9lbs...she is VERY active and looks perfect for her size. Stay away from Purina Pro Plan and Royal Canin they are garbage food - read the ingredients. My vet told me, you pay now (meaning buy the best food with no wheat or fillers) or pay later by feeding your dog crappy food and having expensive vet bills later. If you are not into raw food then at least look at Orijen or Blue Buffalo etc. They are top of the line. Wellness Puppy is also very good. :)

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