Photo We have a 18 month old who snatches and swallows all kinds of things. She growls and refused to give

most defonetly not one unusal thing is that chesapeaks feed of the the emothions around them and they get more agresive if they are abused but if i continues seek a profetoinal dog trainer or get her

Photo My wife and I do not have any children, but do have a 5 year old female lab, and two cats. We have

chessie are very good doges and 1.they good watch dogs 2. they get along with most all other dogs as long as another dog dos not chaling them and if he is a gressive then get him cut but personally i

Photo At what age should I get my females spay? I don't want to stunt thier growth and have had mixed ans
Photo We have a chessie and live in a warmer climate. Is it ok to shave them for the summer?

Never shave a dog! A dog's coat will insulate them in the cold and warmth. If you shave your dog, you may even create a problem of sunburns. Plus, it's not like a chessie's coat is so long or dense

Photo I am 14 and I live in a village surrounded by hills and fields (not all accessable for dogs), I have

all children should have a dog to love!!!!

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