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I am the owner of a 9-week old chihuahua that I have had for a week now. I put him in a crate at bedtime. How do I get him to stop whining all night?Any help would be appreciated.

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Get him a nice furry blanket and a soft stuff animal. You can put a towel over the front of the kennel so he thinks it time to go to bed, don't go to him when he cries, when he stops then go to him, if you go when he cries, he is training you. Remember that he is lost and doesn't know where he is, just give him time and let him know you love him. They are known as blanket dogs, so make sure that he stays warm in the blanket, this is all year long. Make sure he has his blanket. You'll have to look for him under it, so please be careful you don't sit on him.

Just let him sleep with you. I have 3 of them and now that they are at a older age , they all sleep in their own bed right next to us.

It all depends on the dog, my Chihuahua was absolutely fine sleeping by himself in a crate as long as the crate was in the same room as me, however my Cairn Terrier was a totally different story. If the crying doesn't get better after a blanket and a few days, for your own sanity get a pet bed instead.

i have a chihuahua too and when i put her to bed in her crate i put a towel under her in the crate and if u keep her in the same room with u like almost all the time she will be quite and go to sleep p.s try it

I have tried putting an old-fashioned wind up clock in under the blanket..the tick tick comforts and may possibly resemble mother's heartbeat.

if you cant let the puppy sleep with you i would put his or her cage right next to your bed that way the puppy is closer to you and feels more secure because thtz what the puppy wants.i tried this with my whiny chihuahua and it worked perfectly...make sure not to put your puppy in there until you go to sleep because he or she will feel eager to get out and be with you where ever you are at if your still up wandering around and doing whatever...but if tht doesnt work keep him or her next to your bed still but stay up with him a little while not all night just until he adjust to the comfort of sleeping in his or her cage

My chichuachua is 1 yr now he whines all night. but if he sleeps with any of my other 5 dogs he will be fine yours may be lonely, most chichuachuas have seperation angziety.

i have a year old chihuahua and he sleeps in a crate just fine! I got him use to it by when he was little i would let him snuggle with me and when he was a sleep i would put him in the crate along with a bed and a warm blanket. I would say night night time when i placed him in there and just pet him for a few then shut the crate. Dont force him itno the crate because that makes them feel as if they are in trouble and give him a treat once he goes in on his own so he knows he did well. The crate is in the same room as me. Now a year later he doesnt wine and when i say night night time he knows its time to go to the crate. He loves it! It is his little home and His bed and Blanket!

I have a 1 yr old female chi. I thought having her sleep in a bed with me in my bed was the right thing to do but later she started showing signs of aggression and a trainer told me to get her out of my bed! The first night she had until 11pm to stop whining and then we had to put her in another room. The next night she slept through the night. Now, she puts herself to bed around 10pm. It's so funny! She's got a pull-out couch and her blanket in there and she loves it. In the morning when my husband goes to work, he takes her out to do her business and she races as fast as she can up into our bed. That's her snuggle time and she knows it. It's really hard to hear them cry, but stick with it and be firm! They are very smart little things and will fool you. Good luck!

you put him close to a ticking clock that help them relax and also in a warm place.

My girl cried also at first, I am afraid I just had to give her tough love, she settled soon enough. She also had a little stuffed animal with her that she adored and still does. She now sleeps outside with our other dog in the kennel and does just fine. Be strong, he will settle and give you so much joy.

Our little lady is just about ready to turn 2 years old and we've had her since she was about 5 months. She has always slept with us but if we have to leave the house for longer than a few minutes, she has her own room (it's a guest room, but she's claimed it). We put her in there and close the door, as long as she has her toys, food, water, and yes her blanket she does fine. She will stick her nose out from under the door and whimper for about 30 seconds and then she goes to her chair and goes to sleep. This breed loves to tunnel under the blankets and peep out from under it...just be careful when you sit or lay down that you don't squish them.

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