Photo I am the owner of a 9-week old chihuahua that I have had for a week now. I put him in a crate at be

Get him a nice furry blanket and a soft stuff animal. You can put a towel over the front of the kennel so he thinks it time to go to bed, don't go to him when he cries, when he stops then go to him,

Photo i own a chihuahua of 4 months ,i took to the vet he has diarea and vomiting. he gave him meds. but h

Please take him to the vet asap. They can go down very fast. Make sure that he has Nutra-stat to keep his sugar up. Has he had all his shots? He could have parvo.You can give him pepto bismol and

Photo Is there such a thing as an Apple Head Chihuahua?

Yes. That is the way all their heads are shaped.

Photo I have a chiuhahua female who have three pupies and i want to know if i could take them a bath they

if they are really smal i suggest that you have the water warm and not too high.yes you can

Photo I have a 10 month chihuahua that has begun to whine all the time if someone is not the same room wit

Make her feel comfortable and if it keeps on happening maybe she just doesnt like the plase she sleeps at

Photo I have a 2 month chihuahua how long does it take for his ears to stand up straight

They will come up around the time your puppy stops teething.

Photo I have a four week old chihuahua. At what age do they drink water and eat food. The mother is still

puppies don't usually start eating puppy food until around 8 weeks. that's when most people wean them off of their mother

Photo I am the new mommy of a 9 week old Chihuahua and I am wondering what is the BEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL

go for praising and giving treats when they go to the bathroom outside, and scold them [not hit] and then put them directly outside after they use the bathroom inside. they will eventually associate g

Photo i have a chihuahua she a female and i would like to know when will she be able to have baby pup

She should not be bred until her second or third heat cycle - between 1 - 1.5 years old.

Photo at what age does a chiuahua start changing its teeth?

I found this in WikiAnswers. ''Around 4 to 5 months of age, puppies will start to lose thier ''baby teeth'' and thier permanent teeth begin to grow in. Puppies lose thier teeth in a specific order: fi

Photo how many puppies can one have?

They can have only one, or up to six, depending on how many eggs your female ovulated. The smaller females tend to only have one or two, while the bigger females can have larger litters.

Photo my puppy is about 4 months old and is losing its hair in like little spots over her right sholder. j

It sounds very much like your puppy has an allergy - possibly a food allergy. Take her back to the vet as soon as possible.

Photo i have a litter of chihuahuas that are 3 weeks old, can i bathe them yet, mom is not wanting to clea

I would not if I were you use a detergent like Joy. You can just rinse them or use special puppy shampoos (found in some pet stores or at your vet clinic). Some people have used human baby shampoo but

Photo i have a new chihuahua puppy and i am not quite sure how old she is. She is walking and just got tee

about 4-6 weeks

Photo I have brother and sister chihuahua's this is her first heat I came home from work yesterday and th

The first heat is definately too young to be having puppies, they are still babies themselves, and sometimes don't take good care of the puppies. And then on top of it, brother and sister should neve

Photo i gave my chihuahua a bath, now her puppies wont feed, will they smell her milk again?

When they are hungry, they should. If not, try squeezing a small amount of milk out of the teat, and that should do the trick.

Photo My Chihuahua female dog had puppies like a week ago and it's her first time to be a mother and my fi

To make the right choices for chihuahua or any pups/dogs, you should always ask your veterinarian. Breeders do many different types of immunizations and various times, ranging from 2 weeks, on. Also,

Photo I have Black and White chihuahua, she is about 1 year. I've had her for 4 weeks, She been in heat fo

2-3 weeks

Photo I have a 7 week old apple head. I have never had a dog this small. I have a german shepard. I'm worr

7 weeks? any brand of small bite puppy food. Then, when the puppy is around a year, you can go to reagular dog food, but it still needs to be small bite for this breed. They have a hard time chewing t

Photo When i got my chihuahua i was told he was 4 months but he acts so old. He lays around all day and he

He could be older. Check his teeth if they are all adult teeth then you were lied to !

Photo I have a blue and tan Chihuahua. He is looseing his hair in spot. The vet. gave me something to put

tell the vet what is going on with it going away and coming back. Maybe he can check for a different problem

Photo How often should you feed a 6 week old chihuahua puppy?

He should be fed no less than 4 times a day. You can take it down to 3 times when he is around 12-16 weeks then down to twice a day from around 7 months

Photo how much puppies do chihuahau's have

1-3 sometimes 4. Not more than 4 usually or it is a sign of it being a chihuahua mix.

Photo I have a sweet 7 week old applehead. He is mostly white with some tan on his head, his fur is sort o

Do you keep him inside? If so you may have a flea infestation in your home. They can be in your carpet or furniture. Treat your pet and your home both for fleas. If he is outside then the answer is ob

Photo my one month old chihuahua is losing her hair on her forehead, is that normal ?

No, Take him to the vet

Photo how many teeth do they have
Photo I am thinking of getting a chihuahua puppy. He has been home raised with other dogs.(pug size) I hav

Please keep a close eye on the little guy around bigger dogs, for they do not know there own weight and can sit on or run over and hurt a tiny chi accidentally

Photo My chihuahua is 7 weeks old and her ears are not yet erect will the become erect as she gets older o

My dogs ears didnt go up in till she was 9-10 weeks old so they should go up

Photo I have a 3 mth old female chihuahua puppy, shes making a coughing/gagging sound, does she have a col

Does she have her shots yet? If not, get them.

Photo this is the first time that my chihuahuas are mating how long does it take they been stuck together

Yes she can get pregnant the first time. They can stay pregnant for around 2 months. You may not see it at first because they are so small but keep checking and eventually you will see her tummy grow.

Photo I have a 4.3 pound chihuahua and a 11 week old should I use a harness or a collar for them?

Harness is probably better. If you do not know how to train a dog to walk properly on a coller it will just keep trying to run after things even if it chokes them. Dogs have a one track mind. So a ha

Photo my long hair chihuahua only hase one to two puppies at a time is this normal

Yes! Any more than 3 and its not a full blood chihuahua, it would be a mix. But full bloods are only supposed to have between 1-2 or 3.

Photo how long do Chihuahua usually stay in heat the first time?
Photo I have a 4.3 pound chihuahua and a 11 week old should I use a harness or a collar for them?

Harnesses seem to be the better choice for Chi's, as they sometimes have throat issues that would be exacerbated by a regular collar.

Photo I am think of adopting a 2 years of male chihuahua but I have a 5 year old female dashshund. Both h

The one breed Chihuahua's actually get along with the most is weener dogs. Chihuahua's are very aware of their size and weener dogs are small enough that the Chihuahua does not feel threatened. Be su

Photo How many times can a chihuahua have puppies? I have a three year old female chihuahua and her previo

My family has had chihuahuas for generations, they can keep having them until 1) you get her spayed or a male is still present or 2) they get so old. You will know when they are getting too old to hav

Photo I have a 2lb chihuahua and she seems to have patchs of hair loss. The vet does not know what it cou

get a second opinion

Photo My chihuahua seems to have really dry flacky skin. Is there something I can put on her that will he

Yes, its normal. There are special shampoos for that skin condition for dogs, try that.

Photo My male chihuahua is 10 years old and I have tired with no success to mate him...should he be fixed

Talk to your vet.

Photo How can I get my chihuahua to stop peeing on her bed?

Take her out or let her go outside shortly after feeding. how long after feeding depends on your dog. Some of them wont be ready for an hour to go, but mine goes almost immediately after eating. Plan

Photo My chihuahua just had puppies how old do they have to be before the mom will let me hold them?

The mother should let you touch it bout best age would be 3 or 2 wks old. Just be careful. Chihuahua can get sick from things you touch. It best clean your hands before touch them or hold them. Good l

Photo who I do to training my chihuahua make a pee and poo out side

i started by putting newspaper outside

Photo my male chihuahua dog humps the air why?
Photo My chihuahua puts off a lot of body heat. You put here in a blanket with you and she'll cook you ou

Well,Chihuahua's radar dish-like ears help put off excess body heat,so maybe his ears are just putting off the heat it probably got from playing outside or something.But are you leaving your Chihuahua

Photo I love my little TOBY (male long haired chi age 16 mths), but he has always been very barkey and agg

It is normal. I have chihuahua that does all that. What you can try pick your dog and hold him and let him sniff and smell this person whoever that came in the house for few mins then when he growl or

Photo My one yr old chi is starting to shed her hair like crazy. This is the first time that I have seen

Usually when it stress or season changing. If you really want to know exact what wrong with her. Best to take to vet

Photo My 10 week old chi seems really suspicious of me. Is there anyway to gain her trust?

Try pet her or him much as possible. Play toy much as possible. They just probably curious about you. And probably thinking why you walk on 2 legs. Or why u don't look like them. They just puppies. Ch

Photo what type of food would you recommend for chihuahuas so that they won't gain too much wait.

I feed mine Iams dry dog food for small dogs. I have found that Iams keeps them from getting hot spots and helps with their skin. I keep her food in her bowl so that if she needs it, it is available

Photo I have had long-coat Chihuahuas for over 20 years. I just adopted one from the Humane Cociety. He is

It is common.

Photo What happens and what should u do if u get water in your dogs ear?

It possibly cause a infection in the ear. Just get paper towel( not wash cloth) twist it to where can go in the ear and dry much u can but don't push hard. It can make the water to go down in the ear

Photo what kind of food do i give my 6 week old chihuahua?

Mine had scrambled egg made with puppy milk. Her mother had stopped feeding her. By about 8 weeks I had introduced dry dog food soaked in the puppy milk.

Photo How will I know if my t cup chihuahua is really a t cup if it is still a puppy.

TEAPCUP is not a vaild classification for a toy size dog. The term is often used by unreputible breeders to sell sickly runts, representing thes as RARE AND OF MORE VALUE than a 3 to 6 lb Chihuahua

Photo my dogs eyes water alot. Is that normal??

yes. that is normal.

Photo I'm going to be getting a 3 year old Chihuahua from one of my co-workers... she can't keep him becau

I have 7 chihuahuas in my home. They get along great with one another when raised from puppies together, but not other animals. Chihuahuas were also used as ratters for a long time, so I would espec

Photo Is there such a thing as, Deer-eared Chihuahua? I just rescued a little guy and what told that he's

There is no such thing as a DEAR EARRED Chihuahua. However, the common description for Chihuahua head shape is either: Apple Dome or Doe ( Dear ) Head.

Photo We are getting a young long haired chihuahua and I want to know how to maintain their coat. I have s
Photo Is it wrong for your 3-4 year old chihuahua to have its teeth fall out?
Photo my family is about to adopt a baby chihuahua, we also have three cats. They weren,t thrilled about a

some dogs enjoy playing with cats, but most cats dont enjoy dogs. they move too fast, and scare the cats. introduce them slowly, and they should do fine.

Photo Have a new Chihuahua 1lb and he was given to us and 1st day ate and 2nd not eating and wants to hid
Photo I think my 7years old female chihuahua has been having seizures. She's fine and all of a sudden s

Chihuahuas are more prone to health problems such as seizures and diabetes. As it sounds like this has occurred numerous times, I would get her to a vet as soon as possible to have her evaluated by a

Photo my chihuahua wont eat much seems healthy but is very very skinny is this normal? hes the only
Photo what makes chihuahua seem to have dryheaves

When you say dryheaves are you referring to the snorting sound they make while it looks like they are choking? It's very odd looking and sometimes alarming but is perfectly natural and harmless to a c

Photo We have a 2 year old chi, whose eyes are seeming to be swelling and watering alot. Can he have alle

chihuahuas have eye problems that is inherent in their genes.

Photo I have a 6 month old chihuahua and his ears are not permantly erect. Has sometimes stands both(seldo

Your pup is still young.

Photo my short haired chihuahua has very thick soft hair like a lab puppy with droopy ears. he is eight we

puppies at that age still have puppy hair and are teething so ears can be down till older. He is very tiny so make sure his sugar does not go low (he would die).

Photo My chihuahua is getting chubby. What is the best approach to weight loss?

Lots of exercise and if you carry it in your arms a lot you should let it walk instead.

Photo How do you know your dog is in heat?
Photo Do Chihuahuas' have blader problems?

How can all chihuahuas have bladder problems? If your dog has a bladder problem like a urinary tract infection (UTI) then this can be treated with antibiotics. If left untreated, kidney problems c

Photo What can I feed a 10 week old chihuahua besides dog food? Fruits or Vegetables?
Photo are chihuahua good with other dogs

Not really but if you raise other dogs with your Chihuahua they might come around to them, might

Photo My chi huahua is 15 months old .until a few weeks ago ,she walked fine. now she can not walk without

maybe you should take him to a vet and see whats the problem i dont think its a problem maybe he needs to lose wieght

Photo do Chihuahuas have bladder problems?
Photo My 12 year old chihuahua has started to drink alot and ocasionally during the night, early morning

Have your vet check your dog for late life diabetes

Photo My new chi puppy climbs out of the pen I got for him. How do I safely contain him and give him room
Photo My Chihuahua is 9 months old and is in heat. I know that chihuahua's shake alot but she hasn't shake

Not sure if it's an always thing but mine did the exact same thing her first time in heat. I know she wasn't cold because it was in Texas during the summer :) She shook a lot and got extremely cudd

Photo I have a 3 year old chihuahua, I have owned her since she was a small puppy, but im noticing lately

Maybe she's pregnant? Or she has been annoyed by someone?

Photo My 6 month old chihuahua has just started to pee in his water bowl as soon as he takes a drink and i

I don't know why, was he being potty trained? Maybe you can try a pee pad, it has this ability to make dogs go to pee there, but it doesn't work for all dogs. Or you can make another bowl of water whe

Photo How much food should be fed to a 3 month old 1 1/4 pound chihuahua per meal?
Photo my 5 year chi started peeing on my carpets when we are gone what can do for a spray to stop her from

There is a spray called simple soultion: "outdoor/indoor spray repellant for cats and dogs" it is a bit stinky, but goes away after a while. The dogs and cats hate it, trust me. But if the dog continu

Photo my 13 week old chcihuahua is loosing hair...her skin is showing it is pink and white pleasse tell me

I'm not sure this is very helpful but maybe she is aging? Or has some kind of skin problem. I think you should go ask a vet, she seems pretty old, at old age dogs looe hair. But i'm not sure if i'm 10

Photo hey guys.At how many months is a Chihuahua all grow up and at what age is a female in heat for the f
Photo My 9 year old female chihuahua has lost one of her upper front teeth. Do I need to be concerend?

no, they grow back quickly. They aren't like our teeth, they can grow as many teeth as it needs.

Photo How many puppies can a chihuahua have?

Our dog is from a litter of 5 although one died. His mother (a short haired) has just had another litter of 4. The father is long haired. There were 3 long haired & 2 short haired pups in the la

Photo how long is chi in heat?
Photo i am wanting to breed my chihuahua should i let her have a natural birth?
Photo How many times in a year will my chihuahua go into heat?

twice a year

Photo I have a 9 week old long haired chihuahua and at the bottom base of his ears on the back....his hair

it is normal for them to have very little hair behined their ears

Photo My 6mo old chihuahua is losing teeth. Should he be chewing on hard toys or eat hard food? will it hu
Photo I have a two year old chi. We put her outside at night because if we don't she will pee or poo in th

Get her a kennel. Dogs won't go to the bathroom in their own sleeping space.

Photo At what age is a chihuahua considered to be fully grown?

Chihuahuas mature at 18 months old

Photo Are chihuahua's supposed to loose there premolars at the age of 5 months?
Photo What shots do a 1 yr chi need? He is a rescue and hasn't had any vaccinations yet.

There are a number of shots that your pup may need. This can include distemper and rabies. Your vet will be able to give you a full list of what you'll need!

Photo This may seem like a silly question, but when can you tell if a chihuahua puppy is or could be long-

I've found puppies usually take after the mothers side but what will happen is 3 will be like the mother and 2 like the dad if you know what I mean , are you planning on selling the pups?

Photo My mother and I have two Chihuahuas. Neither one like their dry dog food. We have tried several bran

You might try adding scrambled eggs to it so they have a incentive when they get to the bottom of the bowl. My mom's dog did the same thing and now sh will eat anything.

Photo Why do these dogs sleep a lot?

They sleep because they are healthy. It's normal.

Photo Is it normal for chihuahua puppies to look cock-eyed?


Photo My dog gave birth to two puppies which died, this happened 3 days ago and now she wont eat or drink

you should take it to a vet just to make sure it's still healthy but it might just be in shock of losing it's puppies.

Photo How long does a 4 year female old stay in heat?

Your chihuahua will be in heat for about 21 days.

Photo I have a 2 year old Chihuahua and is she is approximately 56 days into gestation. She is regular si
Photo I have a 3 year old chihuahua female, who has had a litter of puppies in august, she lost them all,
Photo My Chihuahua is pregnant and she due to have her litter. How will I know when she is ready to have t

She might whine a little but she will defenitly try to hide and dig at things (might be a dark spot like the closet or even your bed) You have to keep watch even in the middle of the night around wh

Photo What is the size of a Chihuahua litter?
Photo What is the size of a Chihuahua litter?

Usually 2 to 4 pups.

Photo At how many months is a Chihuahua not considered a puppie anymore?
Photo My 5month old chihuahua is not eating her dog food anymore, she only wants our food but I dont want

you could try a differnt kind of PUPPY food and make sure its a good PUPPY food and dont let her beg for your food at all!

Photo I am feeding my 5month old BENEFUL she wont eat it anymore, i don't let her beg but I feel really ba
Photo can chihauhau's see in the dark when peeing?

I know my 13wk. old chihuahua can "smell" her potty pad & make it to it during the night (in the dark), even when she sleeps with us.

Photo Can chihuahuas have longer snouts & longer ears that don't quite stand up (about 12 week old pup
Photo can a 11 year old chihuahua have pups?
Photo what is the gestation of a chi?
Photo My chihuahua is almost 2 years old and weighs around 3lbs. She seems to go thru spells of not eatin
Photo My 2 year old male chihuahua nurses his blanket. He will bunch it up lick it until its wet then nurs
Photo My adult chihuahua occassionally acts like he is sore all over and has trouble walking. During thes
Photo Woke this morning to my 10 year old chihuahua sneezing. If I hold him or lay with him he falls aslee

we have a mini schnauser who sneezes for attention

Photo My girl is 10 months of age now and has not had a season. I have not bothered to get her desexed for
Photo can a dog get pregnant if they are not in heat?
Photo we have 3 long haired chihuahua, the mother is 3 and the pups are almost 2 years old. they are loosi

It's probably just the food. Maybe they are allergic or something. HAIR LOSS happens only when they get irritated by their shampoo.

Photo when do chiuahua start to loss their teeth?

chihuahuas usually start to lose their teeth at the age of 5 months or more.But some of them can lose their teeth at the age of 3 months too.It depends actually.My friend's chihuahua lost her 3 teeth

Photo its normal for chihuahua to eat their poop?

We had a stray Chihuahua who did and he even taught our Yorkie to do the same! We said NO, took it away from them and the behavior stopped. We assumed that he must have been very hungry as a street do

Photo We have a long hair Chihuahua who is about 7 years old. We just recently got a baby German Shepard
Photo I have a fixed 9 month old chi female. She has been potty trained in our fenced in yard for quite a
Photo with owning 2 chihuahua already both have been fixed before I owned them. ~ I recently adopted a 3r

your girl will be in season for about 2 to 3 weeks,this can happen twice a year.there is nothing special you should do exept keep her in until well after her season.

Photo do my puppy raiseing one of her paws is she happy or what dose that mean?
Photo I have another dog just I bought and the problem arises making the chihuahua not eating well and he'

why does my chihuahua follow me all over then when i go out she stays by my front door

Photo how long do it take for a chihuahua to have puppies

It takes 60 or 63 days before the puppys are born;;;;;;;

Photo what age can a boy chiuahua start breeding

Belive it or not;;;; 6 monthsold for the male dog;; 1yr for the female dog,the girl has to be 1yr old;;I know cause I use to raise Chihuahuas,my male dog was 6 months when he got my female dog that wa

Photo My dog is 14 months old and is part beagel I have had him for almost 2 day he hasn't went pee for t

No this is not normal call a vet honey

Photo Our female had her first litter 11 days ago. Can I give her a bath yet? If not, how long do I need
Photo I just got a 4 year old female chihuahua. Chichuahuas are kind of very nervous dogs and bark even to

hi, i adopted a 7 month chi a month ago and just heard him bark for the first time. his bark was in response to a visiting dog next door that was barking. i believe that you have a well adjusted dog

Photo In attempt to control seizures I've decided to feed my Chihuahua "Peanut" natural foods in

Why would you feed your dog ice cream as part of a diet hon? Or are you just saying occasionally?


If they were stuck I don't think he was properly nuetered wait 60- 65 days if puppies appear he isn't nuetered

Photo My chihuahua is 1 years old and she is in heat for the second time. I don't know if it's because she

I don't think it's normal... I'd check with a vet hon.

Photo Hi! I keep on buying my soon to be 5 yr old chihuahua/mix toys and she doesn't play with them :( we

try small stuffed animal with a squeak. Chihuahuas are very alert of noises, and you squeak the toy and play with it for a while maybe she'll get interested. Mine loves toys, the only problem is he

Photo I have a 11 week little girl Chi and she is a picky eater..I have changed her dog food to iams and s

I have a 1 yr old male he was a picker eater too. I have him on pedigree lil bites. He really seems to like it and I have also noticed sometimes he likes to eat his food off the floor instread of in h

Photo I just go this chihauhau and we think she is about 2 years old. She is not house trained yet. What

I found a stray 3 year old female chi. She took well to using puppy pads. I use the kind that has attractant in them. They can get expensive, but Walgreens usually has them in packs of 50, at 2/$20. I

Photo my female apple head chihuahua got impregnated by a chiweenie, is this safe or should we have her sp

What would be so danegros about it? They are not that much bigger.

Photo I have a 1 year old male Chihuahua. The last month or so he cries in his sleep. Last night he cried

Sounds like a bad dream up to the point whereally he wets himself .that would be one hell of a bad dream... are you sure nobody is abusing him? Sorry . Just making sure. I hope you figure it out hon.

Photo Our dog is 19 months old. She had serious health issues when we first received her from our daughter

Havery you talked to a vet about it honey ? I think they are the best qualified to answer this question. God be with you and keep you and your family ,four legged family included ,happy healthy and s

Photo I have our 18 month old male Chihuahua scheduled to be neutered and also receive his first rabbies s

As far as I know, this is common practice and does not traumatize the dog by bringing them in for multiple appointments and "ouch!" needle pokes. My little girl got a set of immunizations, s

Photo My chihuahua is normally a very hyper and healthy dog but this morning she was wobbling around and f

No you don't give them doses of syrup unless they are in an episode ... not just all the time.... you only want to give it to them when absolutely necessary because it brings back their blood sugar re

Photo I was given a chihuahua that is about 4 yrs old. He barks at everything (reason owner did not want)

A dog is never too old to be trained. Just be a little more patient and repeat your commands everyday so he will remember them. Good luck!

Photo My 1 year old chihuahua has all of a sudden gotten scared of the household cat. The chihuahua and ca

Even though your dog and cat get along well, the cat probably swatted at the dog. My Chihuahua is very close with one of my cats, but every once in a while my cat gets annoyed. He'll swat at my dog to

Photo I recently adopted a wonderful 41/2 yr old male Chihuahua. While on our daily walks he seems obsesse

i`m not sure...we just adopted a two year old chihuahua that does the same thing! it`s weird!

Photo My dog has a bad odor, I give him a bath and the next day it is back. Does anyone have a problem l

Sometimes dogs anal glands get plugged up and must be expressed. Take her to the vet and he/she will do this for you and, of course, check to make sure that is what it is.

Photo i have a femail bluedeer chihuahua and im wondering if i have to breed her with the same breed as h

What do you mean by have to? Why would you have to stuck with that breed ? Unless you wanna make sure they are full blooded bluedeer. I don't understand. Are you asking I'd it'll still look like a bl

Photo how many times in 1 yr will a female chihauhau go into her heat cycle


Photo I have a Chihuahua and when he drinks water it sounds like he is choking. Is this normal for him to

Due to their short noses some Chihuahuas are "Brachycephalic". It sounds like they are choking. It is common in some short and flat nosed dogs.

Photo I am looking for the right type of dog food for my 2 adult chi's. One male , one female[overweight]c

don't be afraid to try another brand of dry dog food, i my self was worried when i changed,[i tryed many] i found ORIGINAL KIBBLES 'N BITES[BEEF & CHICKEN] IT HAS A BALANCED NUTRITION, MY CHIHUACH

Photo I have 2 chuhuahuas, in her first heat, my male got her. She is minutes past having 3 pups, and one

where do i find the answers?


In order to remove the bad breath out of your dog, the fore most thing one needs to do is brushing its teeth. However, if you want more info on this, you can consult the vets from http://petnvetfinder

Photo What can you do for thier stinky breath My dad has tried everthing nothing helps

You are acutely suppose to brush their teeth regularly. And they have bones specifically for that problem. I'm not sure what he has tried as you didn't say so I don't know if these are things you ha

Photo my question is my 11 month chihuahua, has been in heat, her private was swollen, bleeding somewhat,


Photo my 6mth old chihua has taking to wetting an pooing on my leather lounge also on a bedroom mat an any

Do you correct her when you catch her? You have to catch her in the act though. Not later. When you catch her make a loud noise kinda sounding like ehhh ehhh ehhh I dunno if you can understand the nou

Photo Today my dog just gave labor to these beautiful puppies, But the first puppy died how can i tell if

I can't see the date you put this here but pick it up and check it, rub it to stimulate it if it makes a sound put to mama dog to try a suckle

Photo When I go to work,is my chihuahua aware of how long I am gone. I have a cat and they are good buddie

Awe poor baby .. I wouldn't leave him alone that long of a day but it sounds like you have no choice. You don't have a neighbor your close with or anything that you could pay a minimal amount to pupp

Photo how many days for delivery

63 days

Photo I just adopted "Milo" my 3 month old puppy a week ago and learned that he has a 1/6 heart

I have no idea honey but until you get an answer from someone who does I'd be very careful .God be with you two and keep you both healthy happy and safe! In Jesus name!

Photo I have a small chihuahua shes 5 months she is black w/tan looks like doverman or something paid good

my grandparents have been breeding chi's my whole life, subsequently i have grown up with this breed. email me a photo of your chi, and i'll be able to tell you whether she is cross bred with anyth

Photo I just adopted a chihuahua on 11-5-2011. The only thing is I don't know how old he is. Any idea's on


Photo Why does my 2 year old hobble on 3 legs. He shows no sign of pain or discomfort but runs, walks and

My chihuahua is 4 years old and has the same problem. I took her to the vet. mine has what you mite call a floting nee cap (patella) .If you let it go the legiment can tear and the dog will lose the

Photo My chahuahua is 3 yrs old, the last week she has been biting at her rear near the tail which has cau

flea, mites or dry skin can cause this. give your dog a flea bath, should this fail try a bath with 'oatmeal shampoo' and if this still continues - take your dog to the vet to get a treatment for s

Photo My chihuahua is 3 yrs old, the last week she has been biting at her rear near the tail which has cau

fleas, mites or dry skin can cause this. give your dog a flea bath, should this fail try a bath with 'oatmeal shampoo' and if this still continues - take your dog to the vet to get a treatment for

Photo My chihuahua is about 13 or 14 yrs old. He's developed a heart murmur and hasn't eaten for 3 days.

That sounds exactly like what happened to my 14 year old beagle.After 4 days I called in the vet and she peacefully went to sleep on our couch.She no longer had to suffer.

Photo my chihuahua will not let anyone cut her toe nails not even the vet and when she does get them cut s

Chi's are very vain about her feet. Chances are your chi had a nasty experience early on which caused her much pain. try soaking her feet in warm water so that her nails are softened. also try doi

Photo my little one has two front fangs on each side i have never seen this is it ok or do i need them pul

how old is your puppy? if still a young pup, then these extra fangs are milk teeth, and will fall out of their own accord.

Photo I have a 16month chihuahua, for the pass to days she can not keep anything in her, she vomits everyt

take her to the vet. IMMEDIATELY keep her fluids up - feed her water through a syringe (or pippette) every half hour.

Photo My 3yr old Chihuahua's lower abdomen is swollen and slightly red, it has gotten better, but now she

is she wormed? have you changed her diet recently? could she be suffering from an allergic reaction? try giving her a bath using oatmeal shampoo to give her some relief should it be a sensitive ski

Photo my dog has bueatiful brown eyes short hair brown and white coat his eyes turn red at nite with th

the red which you are referring to is the colour of the retina at the back of the eye. what was your question exactly?

Photo what is the longest time that a 3 month chi can be left alone?

I wouldn't leave a 3 month old dog of ANY breed any longer than 3-4 hours.

Photo now she acts like she has painactts.she didnt before.and she also seems to blow snot alot.They seem

Yes. Get her to a different Vet fast!Don't ever Wait if something is wrong with your dog. Better to take her and be told that she's oK than Not take her and lose her because you waited. Most vets w

Photo My chihuahua Trinity is 11months old she pulled a nylon tag off of one of her doggie toys before I g



The first question is how old is your chihuahua. Sometimes the get low blood sugar, Nutrical would help out if that is the problem. You really need to see a vet.

Photo my chihuahua is very agresive torwards our other dog dat we have breed her with why is that? and als
Photo I have a chihuahua who incessantly poops and pees on the bathroom floors of friends and family. This

Oh my! These 'habits' may be the sign of a dog looking to get more attention...or showing that he/she is more important than whatever else or whoever else is in the room when he/she's there. Dependin

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