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Chinese Chonqing dogs are of medium size and stature, with a compact body and stout, well-muscled limbs. Their teeth meet in a scissors bite and should not be visible when the dog closes its mouth in a natural position. Their pointy ears are erect and triangular-shaped. The gender difference should be apparent between males and females of this breed. Females are generally more streamlined with an overall feminine appearance. Similarly, male Chinese Chonqing dogs are more burly and well-defined. The coat of this breed is very thin and sparse, and it is a rich mahogany color.

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The Chinese Chongqing dog is alert, intelligent, and perceptive. They are noble and dignified, and they are generally good with children. They have a propensity to be aloof with dogs they are not familiar with, but proper socialization from an early age can help alleviate this trait. They are powerful, muscular, and make excellent natural guard dogs. Because of their size and temperament, they aren’t suited for police work or other jobs that involve biting, etc. The Chinese Chongqing dog will alert his master(s) if there is a stranger or intruder in the house. They are very devoted to their families and will likely be a bit stand-offish with strangers in the initial stages. This breed possesses many strong, natural instincts, and they require a strong, dominant owner that doesn’t hit.

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14 – 20 inches
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34 – 54 pounds
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General Health

The Chinese Chongqing dog’s coat is very sparse and thin, making these dogs susceptible to skin problems. A human grade diet is recommended for this breed. Because there has been no inbreeding of the Chinese Chongqing dog, there are few undesirable traits or known major health concerns. This breed typically lives for about 18 years.

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The Chinese Chongqing dog is a very ancient breed that is believed to have existed since the time of the Han Dynasty in China. They originated in Chongqing, a place located in the southwestern region of China. The Chinese Chonqing dog is predominately utilized for hunting purposes and for protection of the home. Few people are familiar with this unique breed, and it is even rare throughout its native land.

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The sparse, short-haired coat of the Chinese Chonqing dog requires little grooming or maintenance. They should be bathed only as necessary.

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Ideal Environment

Although a small household or apartment isn’t ideal for the Chinese Chonqing dog, they can tolerate this environment if they are properly exercised. United States breeders generally won’t sell these dogs to people that live in an apartment. They require a half hour of vigorous exercise per day. They like to jog and go for long walks. Because of their natural hunting instincts, this breed shouldn’t be allowed to roam off of a leash. The Chinese Chonqing dog has a tendency to prefer a quiet household. They aren’t suited for cold climates. This breed loves playing in the grass.

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