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The Chinese Crested exists in two distinct varieties: Hairless and Powder Puff. The Hairless Crested is hairless except for its head, feet, and tail, while the Powder Puff has a long coat of soft hair. Both of these unusual dogs come in a variety of colors that are solid, mixed or spotted all over. The Chinese Crested has dark eyes and a pair of erect ears. Their skull is broad and their muzzles are long. Both varieties of the Chinese Crested are often seen in the same litter.

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The Chinese Crested is a very rare breed with a sweet temper and lively, playful disposition. They are very cuddly and loving, and they love to hug. They are affectionate towards children and make highly entertaining companions. Children should be taught to be gentle with the Chinese Crested, because they are a breed that can become injured comparatively easily. Chinese Crested puppies should be socialized from an early age to prevent the onset of timid behavior. This breed generally gets along well with other pets. They do not bark, and they are able to learn tricks. They become very attached to their owners and have difficulty adjusting to a new one. They crave constant attention and loving companionship.

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12 inches
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10 pounds
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General Health

Because the Chinese Crested has a great deal of exposed skin, extra care is needed to prevent skin irritations. These dogs can be protected with sunscreen. Many lines of Chinese Crested are allergic to lanolin and wool, and the Hairless variety will often lose many of its teeth as a young adult. This breed’s teeth should be well cared for to prevent the onset of decay. Because of this breed’s propensity to put on weight, they should not be overfed. This breed typically lives for 10 to 12 years.

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Originally from Africa, the Chinese Crested was initially called the “African Hairless Terrier”. The ancient Aztecs kept these dogs to warm their beds, and they also ate them for food. When Chinese trading ships made stops in Africa along their routes, they took the Chinese Crested with them to get rid of rats on their ships. These sailors renamed the breed “Chinese Crested”, and the name has stuck ever since. This unusual breed was first shown in the west in 1885, but it wasn’t officially established until 1979. The breed was given full recognition in 1991 by the AKC. The Chinese Crested has been gaining popularity throughout the United States and England, and it is predominately used today as a companion dog. This breed is one of four types of hairless dog breeds that are known throughout the United States.

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The Chinese Crested is very clean and does not have any odor. They are not susceptible to fleas and ticks. The Powder Puff variety requires a great deal more maintenance than the Hairless variety. The Powder Puff’s long, fine double coat needs daily brushing and extra care should be given to the dog’s coat when it is shedding. The wooly undercoat can also become matted if it is not cared for. The Hairless variety should be bathed frequently, and oil or cream should be massaged into the skin to keep it supple. Both varieties of the Chinese Crested are excellent choices for those that suffer from allergies.

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Ideal Environment

The Chinese Crested is perfectly content to live in a small household or apartment. They are active indoors and can get enough exercise without a backyard. They are sensitive to cold weather, and they should wear a sweater in harsh climates. They enjoy going on brisk walks.

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I have a 6 month old hairless Chinese Crested. What kind of lotion should I use on her? Any particular brand information would be most helpful.Thank you!

Just use regular human lotion. Maybe coconut oil. This would be in particular. Just use what you can afford. Whether it's oil or lotion, just use it. This particular answer is from me. Ask your vet for any extra advice that you can't find in this answer.


What is the price range of these dogs

700 - 1500


what do i do when they start their period ?

get her spayed before she goes into heat. Unless your intending on breeding, and if so make sure your fully educated on breeding before hand.

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