Photo Our cocker spaniel has become increasingly plagued with the crusty skin associated with cocker spani

regarding the difficulty jumping and traction, you should definelty have your dog evaluated by a neuro vet. our cocker had similar problems including the shaking which was due to him hurting. he got

Photo My cocker spaniel has a crust on one side of nose is this something that needs to be treated by a ve

it may be because she cant lick it and its drying up, our american cocker had it straight across the top of her nose but she was find with it. the vet didnt subscribe anything so i believe it should b

Photo my pup cockerspaniel vey cute he is 8 weeks ol and is bitting and grawling like he is playing but i

Talk to a trainer and get the little bites under control. My female did the same. As soon as I felt teeth on my skin, I would stop playing and pull my hands away from her, if she continued (usually

Photo I've got a puppy from a recent litter that is a black white and tan. He also has big patches of sil

Hi there,Our two and a half year old female is turning silver too. I've never seen anything like it. She was solid black with just a few white wiskers on her chin. If you ever find out please let me k

Photo i have a cocker spaniel , is he almost 8 years old,,, he has really bad ear problems and im constanl

We had this problem as well. Each week we would sprinkle powerder in his ears.. usually baby powder or corn starch and that seemed to keep him cleared up. With our cocker we use UBAvet. Its a liquid t

Photo We have a 2 year old cocker. He has two problems. he constamtly is scooting across the floor due t

Have you tried NUTRO Food? It is specially formulated for allergy sensitive pets---100% Guaranteed--even for taste! And it is all human grade food-- The itching is usually a sign of a food allergey

Photo Hello! I have a 6 month old cocker spaniel. She is very smart and sweet. But it seems that she has

cockers are very shy dogs if you can get the kids to understand the idea try giving the kids treats and tossing them to the dog so the dog relates the small kids with treats after awhile she should wa

Photo My cocker spaniel is 5 months. The man that breeds the dogs say that he is a miniature cocker. Eve

There's no such thing as a "miniature cocker spaniel". Someone scammed you.

Photo My 15 month old, spayed female, tries to "ride" everyone all the time. I know it's a domin

I suggest you go to a certified trainer. If you stop the's likely that the urinating and feces dropping will go with it.

Photo I just got a cocker spaniel from a relative. He had an abusive first owner and second owner put him

It will take time for him to get used to you. Take him to the groomer and get him a nice haircut. I genenral groomers are well trained and know how to handle any dog. Once you develop trust between yo

Photo I have a 2 & 1/2 month old cocker spaniel who weighs barely 1 kg and a few grams. No AIHA but qu

NOPE -- there's no such thing as a "miniature cocker spaniel". Sounds like he's the runt of the litter, and probably from poor breeding. Very sad.

Photo I am very dishearten . I purchased this most beautiful cocker spaniel pup and I am giving it all the

First, go to a vet that will actually HELP you, instead of merely telling you to get more iron in your dog. The vet needs to get down to the bottom of what is causing the anemia, not just supplement

Photo I was recently asked to take in a Cocker Spaniel that was born in 98. Making him almost 11yrs old.

Well if he is good around kids then go for it. I have one and he is awesome with kids. So i think you should go ahead and take him in. And if he is that old then you don't want that bad thing to happe

Photo I have an american cocker spaniel my problem is that he pees every time he gets excited around peopl

ignore him (no touch, no talk, no eye contact) until he settles down.

Photo hi, i'm meeting an owner of an american cocker spaniel that is 7 months old, my question is, what do

They can weigh anywhere between 20 pounds and a pudgy 40 pounds. Ask permission to take him to a vet for a once-over, before agreeing to take him. The vet can tell you about his eyes. There are a m

Photo my cocker is scooting alot and licking his anus alot. i'm trying some hemorriod cream on him, i have

Some dogs need to have their glands expressed more frequently than others. Taking him out to go to the bathroom as soon as you notice it may help. If he can express them on his own by going to the bat

Photo My Cocker Spaniel is constantly lickng, me, my other half, the carpet, the counch, the floor - anyth

sounds like an ear infection. You should take him to the vet to get checked

Photo My female cocker spaniels ( 1year old) urinaties on the beds of the females in my house, what should

If your talking about female dogs, then probably your dog is marking her territory.

Photo i am getting ready to purchase a balck an white 6mnth old cocker spaniel, he is ckc registered an th

some dogs are shy, but if backed in a corner may snap at them if uncomfortable. However, cockers are great pets for children because of their high energy. But if you're looking for a more mellow and

Photo my cocker spaniel 6month old puppy lost 3 teeth so far and why it is not hurting her but it worries

all puppies will lose their teeth as they grow older and bigger. think of it as a child losing his baby teeth to make room the adult dogs, their teeth are like sheaths when they are a puppy

Photo I have an english cocker spaniel having skin problems. vet given antibotics. works in the initial st

We had similar problems with our Cocker. It turned out to be a thyroid issue. Once on regular thyroid supplement the skin issues resolved completely.

Photo I am having my cocker spaniel flown from Alaska to Maine...should be approximately 15 hrs...I am wor

If your dog is crate trained & does not stress in the crate, they should have no problem. If you are flying with your dog, and have along layover somewhere, you can always ask to get the dog out

Photo I recently purchased two buff male cockers. One seems to have a heavier, coarser and longer coat th

I have 3 cocker is American cocker has the real silky hair and the other 2 are English cocker they have a wavy course hair...All are purebred too..

Photo When do female cocker spaniels get their first period?

My Lola get it when she was 7 months. The next was almost a year after.

Photo Hi i my english cocker spaniel is 6 weeks and after his deworming & first vaccination worms are


Photo how many different colored coats do cocker spaniels come in?

Buff, black, red, black/white, tan/white, red/white, black/tan, white/brown/tan, white/black/brown, chocolate, chocolate/tan, merle, sable, silver -- but, not all are AKC breed standard.

Photo my cocker spaniel keeps shaking, she was the runt of the litter but has never been shaking like this

Our cocker spaniel started shaking when her kidneys started to fail - either the low hematocrit or rising urea nitrogen can cause it. Please see your vet for bloodwork.

Photo My Cocker Spaniel poops quite often, is this normal for this breed of dog? I have changed his food t

What are you feeding him? If you're feeding him food that contains corn, then he's going to poop a lot, because corn is just a filler -- it has no nutritional value at all, so they just poop it out.

Photo My Cocker likes to lick EVERYTHING, all the time. What are possible reasons for such behavior? Thank

I have 2 Cockers and my girl was the same way, I tried everything to get her to stop, but the only thing that worked for me was to give her a little flick on the nose when she was licking, not hard,

Photo My Cocker Chloe is 2 and when she gets excited she pee's or when we correct her. How can I get her t

I have 2 females, 1 that is 12 and the other is 2. You really can't do much to get them to stop. I do however tell people as they enter the house (and people that visit often know) not to talk or pe

Photo My cocker spaniel continually licks her mouth, constantly licking all the time, any suggestions?

Licking is an unconcious behavior, she is probably stressed. And very likely has something to do with separation anxiety.

Photo How many puppies does a Cocker Spaniel have in a litter?

mine had ten

Photo My wife is alergic to most dogs, is it a good idea to get a cocker?


Photo Our cocker is turning 11 years old April 22 she is quite healthy has given us years of love and as

Just because you buy your dog's food from the vet, doesn't mean that it's good. Take a look at the ingredients. Does it contain corn? Is it Science Diet? If so -- throw it out, it's garbage. Go t

Photo I have and 8 mon. old female american coker. We have observed her first mentral time. What is their

Hi, my female american cocker is also on heat for the second time. Apparently, bleeding should last for 5-7 days and for around ten days thereafter she may take and conceive when covered. Good luck.

Photo My Dad was unable to keep his Cocker. She is 4 years old and the sweetest thing ever. She has been w

Sometimes they pee in the same spot if they smell pee..what is clean to you and I , the super smellers will find! So, Clean 3-4 times, is what I have always done. Sometimes, they will still smell it .

Photo Have a beautiful cocker that is 4 months old. Extremely hyper and bites all the time. Have tried e

Contact a dog behaviorist before she hurts someone.

Photo Our 11 week old cocker spaniel whines, howls and barks when we put him in the cage at bedtime or if

I would suggest leaving a T-Shirt that one of you have worn. One of my dogs is almost 13 years old, but if I leave a shirt on the bed that where she goes.The scent is comforting.

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