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(Hrvatski Ovcar) The Croatian Sheepdog is not a particularly tall breed, but each generation grows a bit taller as time passes. Better nutrition and an easier life have allowed these dogs to reach their full genetic potential. They have a fox-like face and head, and their legs are small, thin, and allow the dog to move swiftly. Their short tails will naturally curl over their back, but they are often docked. The Croatian Sheepdog has a comparatively long, black coat that is slightly curly or wavy in texture. White markings may be present on this breed’s toes and chest. A distinguishing characteristic is the short hairs that exist on the face and limbs.

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Croatian Sheepdogs are alert, swift, athletic, and intelligent. They have incredible stamina and possess a strong need for human companionship. They are economical to own, as they are very healthy and require little maintenance. They have good natural herding instincts and abilities, and they are often suspicious of strangers. Proper socialization and obedience training from an early age can prevent this breed from becoming noisy, timid, or destructive.

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16 – 21 inches
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29 – 43 pounds
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General Health

The Croatian Sheepdog is a very healthy breed. Because only the most capable and useful dogs are bred, there are rarely health-related issues or concerns. They typically live for 13 to 14 years.

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The Croatian Sheepdog is a native Croatian breed. They descend from the dogs that Croats transported from their former territory to the region they occupy today. Since their arrival, the Croatian Sheepdog has been almost exclusively bred in Croatia. The breed’s appearance has hardly changed since the 14th century. This is probably because the breed possesses such excellent herding instincts and abilities. Because only the best working dogs are utilized and bred, the Croatian Sheepdog is very efficient at its job. The earliest documentation of this breed dates back to 1374. The man considered “father of the breed” was a veterinarian by the name of Prof Dr. Stjepan Romic. He found information about the Croatian Sheepdog in a document called “Canis pastoralis croaticus” that was found in the archives of diocese of Djakovo. In this document, written by Petar, Bishop of Djakovo, the breed was described in detail. It was also mentioned that the Croats brought the dog with them while migrating to Croatia during the 7th century. All of these early documents describe the Croatian Sheepdog as it is today. A systematic selection process was started by Prof Romic in the year 1935, and after more than three decades of work, the breed was officially recognized by the FCI in 1969.

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The coat of the Croatian Sheepdog is easy to groom and take care of. In order to remove dead hair, this breed should be brushed and combed on occasion. They are average shedders.

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Ideal Environment

The Croatian Sheepdog is a herding breed that is content to live in a small household or apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. Because of their waterproof coat, they are able to adapt to a variety of climate conditions. They love to play sports, and they need a lot of daily exercise and activity.

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