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I am a bit confused as to what the consensus on the breed’s protectiveness is. Some say the breed is too shy to ever be able to protect its owner in a time of distress, and others say that this breed will definatly protect its owner/family when need be. Ideally I would like a breed that would protect me when the need arises, and be intelligent enough to decide on its own when to do so. My second question is one regarding the breeds recent ancestry from Carpathian wolfs. Besides its body structure and coat type/color, what other characteristics, specifically behaviors, does this breed have in common with the wolf? I have often heard that this breed is significantly more intelligent than fully domestic breeds?

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From my experience when I used to live in Slovakia and trained the dogs for the Army Co-op cca 30 yrs ago, most CS Wolfdogs Were shy. The owners had a hard time to train them for a protection/attacks like we did with our German/Belgian Shepperds. However CSW Excelled at scent picking, trailing the suspects etc. And they also had Enormous endurance. This is what we were aware of why the former communist army actually bred and Used them for! To protect the border. These dogs were able to run miles and miles like wolves, able to pic the slightest scent of the 'enemy'. On the other hand it also seemed to me that it wasn't so much the overall 'shyness' as a breed (especially in males as they are typically 'harder') - they just were 'maturing' longer than f.e. GS or BS = the same like Dobermans or Rottweillers, it took them up to 5 yrs to 'be ready', then they seemed ok. However, these days they may be different. If you want/need a dog for a True Personal Protection get Central Asian Ovtcharka, or South Russian Ovtcharka - those were famous in communist countries as The Best Protectors. And, the most dangerous... ;-)

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