Photo Are Czechslovakian Wolfdogs good dogs? Are they friendly, and will they get along with other dogs? A

In a lot of ways they are very similar to wolves and huskies. They typically have strong bonds with their owners but act aggressive towards other dogs and small animals. They are moderately active a

Photo Is there any advice that should be given to a novice owner?

These dogs aren't meant for novice owners. You have to be dominant, but not aggressive with this breed of dog. Since they were mixed with wolves they're families are like they're pack. You need to sho

Photo I am a bit confused as to what the consensus on the breed’s protectiveness is. Some say the b

From my experience when I used to live in Slovakia and trained the dogs for the Army Co-op cca 30 yrs ago, most CS Wolfdogs Were shy. The owners had a hard time to train them for a protection/attacks

Photo Is there a breeder in the U.S. ? I've been combing the internet for weeks and can't find anything? I

I was given this site by someone who knows the breeder VERY well. It looks like the

Photo What's their normal diet? I was told some wolf hybrids can't be fed regular dog feed. Ie. iams

I was told that raw meat is best but if you must feed them dog food, Orijen is the best. It's natural.

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