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I have 2 x 4mnth old Daxies. The one pup has a patch of dry skin on her back about half way between her head and her tail. I dont know how to treat it? They do not have fleas or ticks or mites (its not mange) and wonder if its excema? How do I treat this? Is it neccessary to take her in to the vet or can I treat at home myself? I am also giving her a fatty acid supplement which also aids in clearing up skin problems (Efazol).

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Mabye It's Ringworm.Ringworm can cuse dry grey patches on the skin. Take it to a vet and get it treated.

I have a doxie that has a similar patch on her tail. I have seen improvement recently by putting bacon fat on the dry spots. They have not cleared completely but their has been a great improvment.

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