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One of my rat terriors is very skinny, doesn't like to eat no matter what I try, and shakes. He seems scared of everything and the vet has not given me any good answers as to what to do about it. Looking for any ideas.

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She or He must feel #1. My suggestion, if you don't already, allow the little rattie to sleep with you, forever bonded...

Here's an idea too--perhaps one of your other ratties is a bit of an alpha dog and the skinny one doesn't feel comfortable eating. One thing we're now doing to get our dog to eat more is mixing a tiny amount of something very desirable in the food. Our 11 yr old rat terrier developed pancreatitis and diabetes recently, and he lost almost 5 lbs--way too thin as he was in great shape already at 22 lbs..never been overweight in his whole life. But he's not feeling well and not eating much, which makes giving insulin an issue...so, he has to eat. We mix whatever this dog loves with the prescription food (with the vet's blessing), and he does eat more of it. thankfully! Skinny sometimes means Diabetes...so best to get him checked out by a vet as well.

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