Photo how long will my dachshund stay pregant ?


Photo what health problems are associated with this breed?

Diabetes is a concern.

Photo I have been looking into purchasing a Doxie for about 1 year, I have heard that the mini doxie's hav

Yes they usally do but if you make sure that it does not do any high jumping then it should be fine.

Photo I have 2 x 4mnth old Daxies. The one pup has a patch of dry skin on her back about half way between

Mabye It's Ringworm.Ringworm can cuse dry grey patches on the skin. Take it to a vet and get it treated.

Photo My boyfriends mini doxie is about 10 years old and is 14 lbs i only feed him 1 cup of food a day but

a daily walk will get his metabolism up, and once he loses a few pounds, he'll get more energy and become more active.

Photo My doxy, can't bark. He sounds horse. IS there anyway to get him back to normal. OR could it be tha

I just rescued a 3 year old pregnant female from a puppy mill. She also has a strange quiet bark. Her voice box was removed.

Photo We just purchased a 3 month old red female dachshund, she has runny eyes and shivers like she is col

I have 3 mini's and they tend to shiver when they are nervous. I also had a runny eye and nose problem with one of my girls and it was due to dry air from my wood burning stove. Now I keep a humidif

Photo what colors do doxies see

they can see blues but not greens

Photo my dachsund has dry skin i just got her today she is 6 years old she has fleas she came from a bad h

I use olive oil on my Doxys food. He has beauitful coat and no dry skin. Hes a smooth black/brown

Photo How can you tell if a dachshund puppie has a bad back? We just got a 4 month old and she is shaped l

sorry but your dog ,i think has soeme defect...dachshund does have a straight back...i had a dachshund whose back was straght and mah frnd's dachshund's back was also straight...plz refer to the docto

Photo I have a miniature dachshund and he loves the outdoors. During the fall nights when we let him out a

There could be several answers to your problem. If your doxy isn't getting enough exercise during the day, it may be that he knows that night-time is happy, fun, run around and play time. First off,

Photo Are piebalds dominate color white? I have a puppy thats body color white w/ 4 quarter size spots of

A piebald dominate color is not always white. They must have four white paws and a white tip tail. Some look like beagles with the dominate color being red, white, brown, brindled, etc. A double dappl

Photo We have two male mini Dachshunds - one is a year and a half, the other is 7 months. Prior to getting

I think i might have the anwer. my two dogs used to do this, too, when we got our first beagle puppy. maybe your older male dachsund is jealous like you said, or he feels the puppy cannot protect hims

Photo why do my dogs want to eat each others poop or urine?

dogs are just that disgusting

Photo Why do my dogs want to sniff each others butts?

Because thats there way of introducing themselves like we say our names and shake hands they sniff each other buttts. Also, they want to know if the other dog means harm or not to them.

Photo Hi, I've had two dachshunds and both of them have lifted one of their hind legs when they walk. whic

I'm not really sure, but one of mine does that too...kind of like he's skipping... The one that we had when I was little did the same thing. I'm not possitive, but I think that it's just that dachsund

Photo My puppy has breathing problem what could this be?

he might have allergies, so you may need to change the food he eats until you find one that makes him feel better. You could feed dehydrated raw with a good simple, organic dog food. Take him to the

Photo my doxie had mites recently. He is bald. His hair is growing back but it is white.

go to the feed store and buy cattle Ivermectrin . Ivermectrin is the active ingredieant in Heartworm meds- you can use it instead of heartworm meds- it is equal to 1/10 cc = 11lbs of dog. I have be

Photo My four year old dachshund had a nasty green discharge coming from her left eye. We took her to the
Photo I have a 5 month old doxie. He's been in excellent health since we brought him home. Two days ago I

I had the same issue with a dog years ago and after a very expensive vet visit and bill it seems the bone remnant was lodged in the roof/palate of the dogs mouth. There was some damage to the palate

Photo I'm considering getting a doxie. how much do they shed?

they are minamul shedders My grandmother has a dachshund and He don't shed much because she washed him every week and every time he got stinky!! We also rubbed him alot as a puppy.

Photo My 2 1/2 year old dachshund has one runny eye. It is her right eye and it looks like a little sleep

I hope this gives you some comfort. My doxie has watery eyes and he gets 'crusty' along his nose like a chihuahua or shih-tzu might get. My vet has always said that he has allergies of some kind. My d

Photo My Doxie is 8 years old she has been breathing really hard. The vet says thyroid is low. Does anyon
Photo We are thinking of getting a doxi. 1st are they hard to house train? 2nd I have children 8 and 1

doxie's can be hard to house train but if you get puppy training mats then train them to the garden .doxie's are good with older children.

Photo My one year old dachshund lost a tooth. Is that normal at his age?

Yes it is. And to think about it, every human year is 7 years for a dog.

Photo My three year old dachshund had her first litter. She ONLY had 1 pup but its a stillborn. She still

Absolutely! My dachshund Sofie went through the same except she had 2 still borns. It's almost as if she is filling a void by taking care of "her family". Sofie now takes care of anything

Photo I have a 7 week old dachshund puppy that itches so bad he whines. My husband took him to the vet for

try the laundry detergents they make for babies (Dreft? Woolite for babies, etc.)

Photo Had my 7 month old female spayed. Was house traind before she had it done. Now peeing all over even

I've never heard of this happening to an animal after spaying. Probbly best to take her to the vet just in case. Or you could call and inquire as to what the vet thinks, sometimes they will let you kn

Photo Is it possible for two Miniature Dachshunds that weigh under 11 pounds, both pedigrees full of Champ
Photo My 3year old longhaired dachs has dry shin. We've taken hime to the Vet and rec'v shots for allergy,

I had a Dachshund with the same problem! Of course, it may not be the same allergies but this is what I learned. First and most important will be his food. You need to feed a high quality food like

Photo How can I train my 9 months old mini dachshund not to eat her poop?

Well, first of all. Is he/she potty trained. If so congratulations. My dog had the same problem. I suggest to clean it up. And if that is not an option (which I totally understand) there is some type

Photo My 5year & 8month old doxie very suddenly developed a sore back (she was fine in the afternoon a

Firstly, I feel so sorry for you. Take her back to the vet, and make sure it is what you think it is. Have you not got pet insurance? (This is a good idea in the future as they will cover this). If yo

Photo My 2 year old mini dachshund has red itchy spots on her stomach and towards her private parts and ta
Photo How long does it take for a female to have puppies?

63 days

Photo Can they have chocolate?

No dog is supposed to have chocolate EVER.

Photo My fifteen year old female dachshund has a balding spot on her back. Her skin seems dry but I am not

I had one that lost hair too, she needed supplements and was fine. At 15 this is pretty normal. And tea tree oil shampoo will help her skin, especially if she's itchy.

Photo Two weeks ago I got an eight week old female doxie. Within a week she had a rattling in her chest a
Photo My male dachshund always smells bad. He is very well kept but seems to always have a bad odor. What

it could be anal glands that need to be emptied out. i have a mini dachshund that needs to get hers emptied once every 2 weeks. I can always tell when they are full cause she gets a bad smell.

Photo I bought a dachshund puppy that is all black except for his chest. It's white and has some spots ins

Does he look like a dachshund? Yes it is possible that he can be colored that way because of breeding for certain colors in recent years it is very possible. I didn't know any of this before hand I ju

Photo My dachshund is dappled and is 4 years old. He gets itchy red spots all over his body every once in

you should take him to the vet immediately.

Photo My long haired dachshund, who is over 10 pounds, has ate most likely over half of my bag of chocolat

the more expensive the chocolate the more dangerous it is. She might be fine but I would at least call and talk to the vet just in case since she is so little it could be worse on her

Photo My dachshund is 13 years old. Her name is Lucy. She has developed a large pustule under her eye. I h
Photo I have a 11yr old Miniature Dachshund and lately he's been having very bad breathing problems. Its a

We have a 4yr old Miniature Dachshund that we just recently rescued. When she came to us she couldn't breath through her nose most of the time and it was especially bad at night. This would cause her

Photo i have a 2 year old male dashund and was thinking about getting another...i dont know if i should ge
Photo We are thinking of adopting a mini dash. but wondering if they would get along with our other two pe

Some will, some won't. They are hunting dogs and will chase anything that runs. Most rescues and shelters will be able to tell you if a dog will get a long with other types of pets, but you always nee

Photo I have a 4 month weenie dog, her exowner showered her with cloth detergent and know she has dry skin

Dry skin seems pretty common with dachsies. Get her a medicated shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) but don't over bathe. The hair loss might be vitamin related, a supplement is always good, e

Photo I have a 3 mo old mini dachshund. His ears don't lay flat ever. It's like he's ready to fly. Is t

I have two Chiweenies, both are two + years old. Don't be too concerned about the way your dog holds its ears. Chiweenies ears may flop down like the Dacshund's, or stand up like the Chihuahua's,

Photo I have a 12 wk old mini dachshund. He doesn't tell me when he has to go pee pee and I keep finding #

He's very young and small to hold it still. Just keep being patient. If he's going inside his kennel, he really can't help it. Also train him to go on training pads in the meantime (it's easy, they ar

Photo how long will my dog stay in heat? during that time how long will she be able to become pregnant?

Heat generally last several weeks for any breed of dog. Please, get her spayed as soon as possible, for her good health (to prevent ovarian cancer) and most importantly because the world doesn't need

Photo is dachshund can have a different eye color?

Yes, very common to have one blue or slightly green grey looking. this is a trait of dapple gene. a spotted dauschund is called dapple and the one "blue" eye shows dapple. this does not mean

Photo my dachshund have not the same colors of eye her left eye is grey end the right is brown the pet sho

hello, u may have rec'd ur answer already. But yes, that is true. it is very common to have one eye"blue" or grey or partially blue or grey. This is a marking of dapple gene and very common

Photo is it ok to take a bath my dog even if she has a menstruation? thanks
Photo I have heard pros and cons for feeding my Dachshunds cooked eggs with their meals. I cook chicken r
Photo I have a 2 year old dashshund he is very playfull with our other one and loves to have is head rub

Why he is always grumpy. he always growls at us.

Photo my dachound pushes everything around with his nose dumps over his food then pushes with nose then


Photo I want to breed my female Dachshund and would like to know how long it takes from fertlization to b

how long for birth

Photo i have 3 males dachunds and i female, one of the males not fixed. one male and the female are brothe
Photo do dashchuns lay eggs

Yes, they do. The egg iis actually larger than the dog itself. Inside the egg is a bird,, the puppy is inside the bird but the bird will throw the dog out.

Photo I have a 7 weeks old puppy(duchhund), and we cant sleep at night because of his noise, what can i do

I have a one year old Dachshund and had the same problem for the first 3 months. I tried everything and he was so determined. In the end I put a crate in the corner of my bedroom and he sleeps very h

Photo am currently put into a position that I can't get myself to come to grips with, My Buddy is a 9 year

I don't know if this will help or not, but it helped my Cavachon. He had diarhea AND constipation. The vet even x rayed his stomach(for free) to see if that was the problem. Finally, he suggested Pro

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