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my dachsund has dry skin i just got her today she is 6 years old she has fleas she came from a bad home and needs lots of loving i was wondering if there is anything besides the frontline i can give to her or do for her to make her feel better and get healthier faster. trust me she needs it. and im dying to makeher healthy and her coa shiny liek it should be

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I use olive oil on my Doxys food. He has beauitful coat and no dry skin. Hes a smooth black/brown

Your girl may have a flea allergy. One bite on the nose can cause skin problems all over. I insisted on a skin scrapping at the vets to rule out other possible causes. Dachshund also get sunburn and dry skin from being in the sun. Doxies do not normally have dry skin or require treatments for their skin. Once you find out why she has dry skin, you can treat it. Regular medicated dandruff shampoo can help with the itch...dry skin does itch. My vet gave me special shampoo for allergies that did the trick for me. Do not use Dawn dish detergent on dogs with dry skin. Good Luck.

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