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The Danish Broholmer is a large, powerful mastiff-type dog with a strong, sturdy build. Their bodies are rectangular in proportion, and their brawny forequarters dominate their overall appearance. They have a broad, massive head and a robust neck. Their head is often carried low, or stooped, when they are resting. The Danish Broholmer has a short-haired, close-fitting coat that is either yellow or golden red in color. There is a black mask and loose skin around the face and neck. White markings on the tail, chest, and feet may or may not be present.

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The Danish Broholmer makes an outstanding guard dog, watch dog, and family companion. They are self-assured, even-tempered, and social. They are hard workers that deserve mutual respect from their family and owner(s). They are watchful and protective by nature, but they do not exhibit unwarranted aggression.

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22 – 30 inches
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87 – 176 pounds
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General Health

There are no recorded health issues or concerns for the Danish Broholmer. They typically live from 6 to 11 years.

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The Danish Broholmer is from Denmark. People have known this breed since the middle ages, when it was predominately used as a stag hunter. Later, the Danish Broholmer was utilized as a guard dog for manors, farms, and estates. By the end of the 18th century, the Danish Broholmer was breeding purely, but it nearly became extinct after the Second World War. A group of people committed to the breed’s survival were able to reconstruct and re-develop the Danish Broholmer. It is still a very rare breed.

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The coat of the Danish Broholmer requires very little grooming or maintenance. Brushing with a firm bristle brush can help to assist the shedding process. This breed is a seasonal heavy shedder.

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Ideal Environment

The Danish Broholmer needs plenty of exercise and physical activity. As puppies, too much vigorous activity is not recommended. Over-exercising a Danish Broholmer pup can lead to hip problems and hinder bone growth.

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how can I tell if my dog is a danish broholmer? I inherited him.

does he speak danish and does he like danish streaky bacon??

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