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(Dansk/Svensk Gaardhund, Danish-Swedish Farmdog, Farm Dog, Danish Chicken Dog)  The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog is a small-sized breed with a compact, squarely- proportioned body. Despite having nothing in common in terms of temperament, this breed is often mistaken for the Jack Russell Terrier. They have a broad, deep chest and stout, sturdy limbs. They have a small head that is triangular in shape with a wide, slightly rounded skull. Their stop is pronounced and their muzzle tapers appealingly. The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog has powerful jaws and ears that fold forward. The short-haired, glossy coat exists in a number of colors including tri-color and two-color. Danish-Swedish Farm Dog puppies don’t mature in physical appearance until around the age of 3 years.

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The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog is vivacious, watchful, and lively. This breed is friendly, affectionate, and playful. They are great with children and make wonderful family companions. Highly social, they are generally accepting of strangers and other dogs. They are full of energy and stamina, but they are not yippy or hyper. Because of their high intelligence and motivation to please, the Danish-Swedish Farm Dog is easy to train and quick to learn. They are able to learn a wide variety of tricks and they are excellent at sports. This breed likes to chase and will do so often. They are a comparatively quiet breed.

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12.5 – 14.5 inches

live up to 10 to 15
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15 – 25 pounds
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General Health

The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog is a comparatively healthy breed. There are no concerns, issues, or breed-specific disorders that affect them.

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The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog originated in Denmark and Sweden. It is a very rare breed throughout the United States, and it is a small breed in its native countries. The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog is an old breed of Danish Pinscher. Because they were always bred for versatility, they have a number of natural talents and have been employed for a number of purposes over the course of their existence. They originally lived on farms, where they were used as vermin hunters and watch dogs. They were also able to herd cattle and serve as wonderful companion dogs. As the number of small farms has decreased over the years, so has the need for the Danish-Swedish Farm Dog. Towards the end of the 1980’s, the Danish-Swedish Farm Dog became a separate breed (apart from simply a “farmdog”). The recognition of this breed is still in its early stages.

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The Danish-Swedish Farm Dog has a coat that is easy to groom and care for. Daily brushing or combing isn’t necessary, but they can be bathed as often as their owners prefer. This breed’s coat sheds dirt readily, so even the dirtiest of Danish-Swedish Farm Dogs don’t need a bath to keep relatively clean. They are seasonal heavy shedders, and they shed somewhat in-between seasons.

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Ideal Environment

The Danish-Swedish Far Dog needs moderate physical activity on a daily basis- about one hour per day. They enjoy playing games and receiving the undivided attention of their owner(s). They can live in a small household or apartment without a yard, but they need regular walks if this is the case. They can adapt well to a number of living conditions and environments, but they shouldn’t be allowed off their leash. Their natural instincts prompt them to bolt after anything that moves.

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