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(German Spaniel, Deutscher Wachtel) The Deutscher Wachtelhund is a medium-sized gundog with sturdy bone structure and a muscular build. They are about twice as long as they are tall, and they are a bit larger that the Springer Spaniel. Their bodies are very solid and allow them to retrieve heavier types of game like foxes and large rabbits. The breed’s ears are comparatively long and hang down to approximately the level of the nose. The Deutscher Wachtelhund has a long, wavy coat that is very thick and well-feathered. The hair is shorter and finer around the head.

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The Deutscher Wachtelhund is a highly capable gundog that is adaptable to a variety of working conditions. They are versatile, watchful, and excel at tracking and trailing large-sized game. They are also excellent bird dogs. In addition to being a very hard worker, this breed is very vivacious, friendly, and intelligent. They are aggressive hunters and they enjoy working in the water.

They enjoy being in and around water.

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17 – 21.5 inches
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44 – 66 pounds
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General Health

In Germany, breeders are required to seek permission from the German Wachtelhund Club prior to breeding their Deutscher Wachtelhund. To gain the approval of the German Wachtelhund Club, breeders must put their dogs through a series of hunt measurement tests in addition to providing X-rays of both the male and female to be bred. Because of this rigorous screening process, many health concerns have been eliminated from this breed. This breed typically lives for 12 to 14 years.

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The Deutscher Wachtelhund originated in Germany.

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The Deutscher Wachtelhund’s long, wavy coat is comparatively easy to groom and maintain. Regular brushing will keep the coat in good condition. Excess hair between the toes should be trimmed on a frequent basis, and ears should be checked for infections. After working, the eyes should be flushed and inspected to remove any debris.

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Ideal Environment

Because they prefer to spend time with their family and receive human contact, the Deutscher Wachtelhund is most content to live in a house. If kept in a kennel, the Deutscher Wachtelhund should still receive plenty of physical affection. This breed can adapt to city conditions, but they have a strong demand for exercise and should be given plenty of physical activity on a regular basis. Because of their propensity to chase, this breed shouldn’t be kept off a leash.

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