Photo My dog is just over a year old and we try to do a lot with him. He's socialized, goes to dog parks

This is completely normal and can be corrected. As you know, your dog is very protective which is why he`s doing all the protective barking. I recently went through the same thing with my Great Dane

Photo My dog is 3 yrs old and whines constantly. I have just about had it but I care for the dog too much

Do not pay attention to it when it whines. Keep with it.

Photo I have a 4 month old female dobe.. my mother brought her home when she was 45 days old.. Right fro

One of the worst things you can do with a doberman is to hit them. Dobermans are one breed that never forgets whether it be good or bad. I use the tapping on the nose to correct my dobermans. I have o

Photo I really want to get a Doberman but all I hear about them, is that they do not get along with other

Dobermans can get along quite well with other dogs if you socialize them with other dogs from an early age. They are very protective of there owners so you have to show them from the start that other

Photo i have a almost 2 yr old male doberman that is big 120 lbs he is starting to bounce up in down sligh
Photo im going to acquire an adult doberman. 2years ld i think. i had dogs here. they are native dogs. mon

Anytime you add a new dog to a "pack" here will be squabbles over a new order. When A new dog is added they don't just file into the bottom of the order, the whole order has to be reestabli

Photo i have a male 9month old dob and just bought a 7week old male dob. my 9month old is fixed and were t
Photo I have a two year old male doberman that sheds constantly. I brush him every two days with a regular

Did you ever have him tested for thyroid problems this can cause all kinds of problems such as hair loss eye matter problems, weight loss check it out.

Photo I have an 8 year old male dob who lives in the city. He has never been socialized with children and

yes I think the dog whisperer is ok but you are dealing with peoples children and a big dog so just for your safety theirs and your dog I would attach a shock collar to be sure you can call him off sh

Photo i have a 10 month old female dob and she is quite small,50 pounds but very skinny, when do they stop

They usually continue to grow till 18 to 24 months. Although some continue to slowly grow throughout their lives. During her second year she will grow most of her muscle mass. The first year is pretty

Photo I have a male blue doberman that drooles a lot. Is that normal? He is 2 years old...
Photo I am going crazy. My husband brought home an 8 month old Male doberman, and since he's in the milita

As a Dobermann Pinscher owner for many years I advise you to find this young and energetic canine a new, proper home if you are not able to exercise him more. This breed is not for everyone, especiall

Photo What should be the ideal weight of a 3-4 months old doberman ?

with 16 weeks our Dobi was 43lbs and he isn't on the huge side...

Photo are they good with other pets?

yes they do,if you socialize them very well.besides my dobi,i have 7 parrots here,two bunny's,one guinea pig and a german shephard and they all get long very well,sure with supervsion,same with kids,A

Photo i have a 7 yr old female dobe and a 6 year old male dobe. I know someone who has an 8 month old dob

By the sound of it, your dogs seem ok around other dogs, so yes! Some older dogs aren't very fond of younger puppies in their space so make sure you have them around each other and see how they play a

Photo We have a 13 month old European Dobermann. He is very large (120 lbs.) and the love of my life. He

It's possible that he sees you as a subordinate. Read up on the dogs' hierarchical nature to find ways to make sure he knows that you're in charge.

Photo What are the positives,and negatives,of owninig a fawn ,blue,and white colored doberman pinschers?

I have heard that the lighter colors suffer more skin problems/sensitivity. The Doberman Pinscher Club of America is trying to stop the expansion of the gene pool of albanistiic "white"

Photo I thought my doberman had an eye infection (lots of green/yellow matter in one eye. Vet gave him an

I have an 8 month old dobie and had the same problem - we gave her benedryl 25mg/one pill 3 times a week and it cleared it up, the vet said it was allergies. I hope this works for you

Photo I have a male doberman 5 months of age. I am taping his cropped ears for 3-4 days at a time and the

The research I found for cropped ears is a 6-7 month healing time. Also the most common response I got for what to use for taping was to use tampons. They are stiff yet soft.

Photo why is the tail of a doberman pup ususally cut?......some say the tail grows too long and curls over

not true, dobermans have long normal tails,

Photo My dobbermans recently had puppies about 6 weeks ago, and I am just now noticeing that our only red

Yes they will change colors. All puppies are born with blue eyes and then they change. The only ones that don't change are whites, their eyes do stay blue.

Photo Are female or males doberman better suited for a female owner

Like people, dogs especially dobermans have different temperaments. The preference for a male or female is a personal choice. Females have their own issues to deal with just like women do. It is reall

Photo I am looking into getting a doberman that is almost 2 years old. His ears have been cropped, but do

Look up (house of hoytt doberman) and purchase his "quick brace", they are very very good, they work on dogs up to 3 yrs old. you can call and speak to Barri Hoytt yourself he is very helpful person,

Photo I was wondering what is the differience between the american,european,and american european cross in
Photo Do doberman pups need their front dew claws removed?

No dogs 'need' there dewclaws removed. Unless you plan to show your dog in the AKC. All you would be doing is puting your dog through unecessary pain.

Photo Hi! My name is Nikki and i have had my Doberman since he was 5 months old. Bruno is now a year old a

Hi my name is Vicky. I have 2 dobs. A boy and a girl. They are excellent dogs but as you have said, it means alot to give them attention and let them know they are loved and wanted. Well every one has

Photo If I have two cats, one 5 pound dog with this breed get along with the household pets if I get it as

Our first Doberman (Dacquari, she's 6 yrs old now) was raised with a Miniature Pinscher and a 4 lb Yorkshire Terrier. We've actually found that Dac. would play tug-o-war rough with us and when one of

Photo How long into the heat cycle before the dog can get pregnant?
Photo Are there any doberman with their tails not cut? Is it always necessary to cut their tails, cant the

Cutting or "Cropping" is purely for looks, and is not done for the breed's health. In fact many breeders and even some vets are starting to refuse to crop the puppies tails and ears.

Photo I have a female dobbie who is 9 months old now. She is a great dog but a little stubborn at times. I

We have a female dobie, smaller then yours, she is very friendly with everyone UNLESS SHE THINKS YOU ARE HURTING ONE OF US!!!! She was raised with 3 children a cat and an old dog loves to play, walk,

Photo I keep seeing on breeders sights that their pups have no z bloodline what is z
Photo I have had my doberman from age 6 weeks now at just 2 years old she has blowen boath her back knees


Photo my 6 month old rescued doberman wont play in the yard. I tried getting it to play with a ball but s

My doberman was the same way, he would not play in the yard, but loved to play in the house. He also didn't even like going outside other than potty unless I was with him. As far as the jumping, put y

Photo Hi there. I’m looking at different breeds at the moment for safety. Background of cur

First thing, Dobermans are inside dogs, they cant be left outside especially if it gets cold. As far as being with other dogs they do fine, as long as you raise them with the other dogs. They are grea

Photo what to use?
Photo what is the earliest that i can take a puppy from its mother without putting its health or emotional

Some people will let them go at 8 weeks if fully weaned. 14 weeks is more ideal as they continue to learn from the mother until that age. They should be fully socialized with many people, situations

Photo Hi, i'm asking about the ears i live in Ghana tamale and there are not a doctor to crop the ears fo

Leave the poor little bastards ears alone! Get your ears chopped if you want it that badly.

Photo Hi i am from mumbai and i have female Doberman of age 4 years, now days she is giving problem eating

Pedigree is cheap food full of fillers. It has been recalled a couple times. I think your dog is telling you that it's not nutritious enough. Try looking for a better grain free brand of food. Che

Photo i have a 5month female and when we take her out in the car if someone comes up to the window to see

It is her anal gland. When mine would get scared she'd excrete her gland and it would smell up the whole car. I always kept a seat cover on the seat so I could wash it. Her gland was not infected she

Photo I have and 8 month old female red doberman, she is terrified of the leash and her harness/collar, an

well when they are frightened they will pee so it is normal if she is a puppy rhen she will probably will stop

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