Photo How long do you have to wait to clip your your doggo argentino's ears?

Cropping of the ears is usually done before the pyppies go to their new homes... around 8-10 weeks I believe...

Photo When I brought my Dogo Argentino pup home when he was 12 weeks old and was a lot smaller than I imag

Hi, your dogo is fine, Remember that they are only supposed to weight between 80 to 100 lbs. My male dogo is 1 4 months and he is 97 lbs. But he is still growing and changing. You will notice that you

Photo How old is a male dogo argentino when he reaches his full size?


Photo need advice just got off the phone with a man that says he has dogo puppy's showed me picture of th

It is a default to have a black dogo. This is what I have been told by breeders.

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