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I have an 7-month, male English Bulldog. During the day, I walk him every 2-3 hours and he has not had an indoor accident in over one month (he is not crate trained). At night, he sleeps in our bathroom and I put out puppy training pads. Each night he typically pees 1-2 times and poops 1 time. His last walk is at 10pm and his first morning walk is at 7am. Also, he eats dinner at 4pm and has his final water by 6pm. At what age should he be able to stay "dry" overnight? Any advice on how to help him with this? Are the training pads encouraging him to go at night (is he more likely to hold it if they weren't there?) Thanks.

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I'm not an expert but I think the pads would train your dog that it's o.k. to relieve himself in the bathroom. you may want to remove them and give him a smaller area to sleep in so he won't soil his area. hope this helps you out

I agree, you have to slowly start taking away the pads, they will get used to it and think htat's what they are supposed to do. You have to train them to think that when they can't hold it, they go on the pad. As you take it away, they will learn to have to hold it rather than simply relieving themselves...but you will have to scold them when they make an accident and reward them when they go outside. One thing you can do is make the overnight area smaller, dogs do not like to soli where they sleep so if the area is smaller they may be less likely to go if they can hold it with some effort. That's how I trained my baby and she is a stubborn one

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