Photo how many do they have per litter?

Approximately 2-6 pups. Although my English Bulldog female just had a litter of 7 puppies last week.

Photo my 11 month bulldog weights 70lb is he overweight?

I have a 1.5 year old male bulldog and he weight 73lbs. He is very healthy and plays daily. He is hard to keep up with at times. I think it just depends on bone structure and size of parents. His dad

Photo My 6 week old Bulldog pup has a Faulty Tail that is pointing striaght up. I would like to know what

I purchased a champion sired male years ago that had a gay (flag pole) tail and I felt really sad about it and even had surgery done and thought it was going to work but at 6 months or so it popped up

Photo I just got a english bulldog and her ears stand up like a french bulldog is that normal ? People kee

no that is not normal and more than likely the will not go down. Bulldogs should have a rose bud ear (fold in the rear of ear) according to the AKC standard. There are some Bulldogs that have large ea

Photo how do i stop the gas problem my english bulldog has? its killing me!!

Feed it a dog food with less corn and grain by-products. This is hard to digest. Find one with more meat,this will also cut down on bowel movements plus it will eat less because it will digest it bett

Photo I am purchasing a english bulldog puppy. Breeder says at 7wks she is 6lbs. Is she a normal weight?

yes thats normal for a 7wk. anything more expect a giant.

Photo im desperate for a bulldog however the only problem is i work during the day (mon-fri 9-5) if exerci

Exercise is not a massive problem its the companionship it needs, if you can call home at lunch time to let it out to the toilet is shouldn't be a problem. However, they can become bored and depressed

Photo I have a 1 year old bulldog. A few months ago she fell ill and could hardly walk, refusing to eat an
Photo I have a 1 1/2 year old female who just had pups from a different breed, i concern about her health,

first get her fixed. the vet should be able to tell you some good vitamins to help her stay healthy, I think it's really hard for them to have lots of puppies, that is if you want a sound pet. make

Photo i purchased a 2yr oldmale E.bulldog, He is great!when commanded to get in his kennel he obeys but

time for you to watch the dog whisper on tv sound like you need to not lock the door for a while and work with this puppies head. is the dog kept in for long periods of time? do you walk your dog e

Photo What brand of dog food do you recommend for less gas?

I was told to put water in the dog food, it will help the food to not give your dog gas. but if you have a bull dog it's just part of there crazy side. good luck

Photo I have a 13wk bully that is a loner, does not want to be held at ALL, uses us as a human chew toy, d

have you watched the dog whisper? he always has the person take a the dog for a walk everyday maybe if you do this first than try to work with him on getting more friendly. it has worked with mine.

Photo i am buying a puppy in a few weeks and the breeder tells me that he is not walking properly yet the

may check with your vet for masitis

Photo My Bulldog is 4 months old. He does not really resemble an English bulldog. I have seen the parents

my english bulldog looked like a pug when i first got him, now he is 8 months and all of his bulldog features grew in

Photo what is the recommended tempature to maintain household indoors with a/c. We just adopted a 6 week o

as long as the house is not hot, and the puppy is not breathing funny, he will be ok. I live in canada, we can have very hot summers, and I keep cold water, and a little kids pool for mine to lay in

Photo My english bulldog is 10 months old and recently had her first season. Now her nipples has become ve

I would look into getting some blood work done for your puppy...also focusing on yeast levels of the skin. Mine too started off with skin irritations which seemed closer to a skin allergy for most of

Photo We have a 10 month old male that is not fixed. We are thinking of rescuing another male that is 8 m
Photo How much should my 3 month old standard english bulldog weigh?

my weighed 15.2 at 12 wks and 23.5 at 19 wks. the average is about 15.4 give or take a few.

Photo My 5 year old english bulldog's bottom seems to itch really bad she is always rubbing her bottom on

It could be a sign of a female infection. I would make a trip to the vet.

Photo My bulldog puppy is 4 months old and walks like he does not have much strength in his back legs. He

i would recommend getting him checked . my 4 month old bulldog plays and gets around great with no problem so he should be getting around ok by now . although they are clumsy dogs.

Photo How much should I feed my 6 month old male bulldog puppy? At his last weigh in he was 36 pounds and

Our pup is 6 months and he gets close to 4 cups of royal canin a day.

Photo My 5 1/2 month old bully has a "floppy" ear. No matter how many times we've glued it it j
Photo Our 10 wk old puppy has all of a sudden started getting black spots all over her body. Will her spo

is your dog white? bulldogs have those spots, but it becomes more apparent in white bulldogs because of the color of the hair.

Photo Why would my english bulldog have hard white stools all of a sudden. No diet change, drinks plenty o

my dog had that from eating too many tums...something about tums being high doses of calcium...

Photo What should a 12 week old English Bulldog weigh?

The average weight for a 12 week old EB is a little over 15 lbs.

Photo When will my bulldog go in heat for 1st time and how much should she weigh at 10 months?

My bulldog didnt have her first heat cycle until she turned 1 year old and then after that it was 8 months later.

Photo I have 4 month old English Bulldog and he weighs 35 pounds is that pretty normal?

Wow! That's huge! I have a 6 month english bulldog, she weighs 22lbs.

Photo Is it true that English Bulldogs can not breed natrually and have to be artificailly inseminated?

No, they can breed naturally like any other dog. They are only artificially inseminated if they can't perform the job for some reason.

Photo How would a 4 year old english bulldog male react if I brought an 11 month female english bulldog in

They would probably play together, you just have to try it.

Photo My english bulldog is 17 months old she had her first heat at about 8 months and it didn't last

Bulldogs have their first heat between 5 and 11 months but on average it is more like 6 to 9 months. They can also have what's called a silent heat where they show no signs but go through the cycle.

Photo I have a 11 week English Bulldog, that weighs 7lbs doesn't walk straight/shakes and constantly slee

It's very normal for Bulldogs to sleep about 17 hours a day. If it shakes and doesn't walk straight, take the dog to see a vet.

Photo Should I give my English Bulldog a all raw meat diet?

No. Uncooked meat is bad for dogs and could cause upset tummies. Here is a fun fact you might wanna know.Dogs will sometimes eat grass to settle their upset stomachs.

Photo My Bullie's nose is really rough and jagged. What is the best thing for me to use to help her out?

Try using Vitamin A and D ointment.

Photo I have acquired a bulldog and am looking for the best ways to take care of her. I have changed her d
Photo My 7 month old Male bulldog is 36 lbs. Is that normal? How much do you think he will weigh full gr

hello i have a english bulldog that has just tuned 4 months old and he weighs 23.5 pounds. so that is completely normal that yours weighs 36 pounds. getting him fixed will mostl ikely make him gain we

Photo Can some one help me with what I should do about my Bulldogs odor? I can't get rid of it! I give he

i would recommend a waterless shampoo, u can get it at any petshop or at a pharmacy and on petmeds. dont bath her to much because it can dry out her skin and cause hot spots. and loss of fur. we feed

Photo I am considering adopting an english bulldog and was wondering whether there i any noticable differe
Photo Hi i have a 16 month old, Old English Bulldog. he has recently lost quite a bit of weight from his

he should have a visible waistline in the area you describe. you should check the weight of his parents to see if his is similar. My dog has a nice "v" shaped back from the shoulders to his

Photo I have a english bulldog pup that is 3 1/2 months and weighs 11lbs. Could he be considered a miniatu
Photo I am looking at getting a english bulldog, how much should a male weigh fully grown? female?

From what I've read full grown weight should be in line with the weight of the parents. males 45 to 55lbs. and females slightly lighter is the breed standard. Some American breeders produce larger dog

Photo Can any one tell me what age these dogs start getting health problems.? My daughter has a 5 month ol

Their are health issues that anyone owning a dog should come to know about. Bulldogs are commonly associated with 'dirty wrinkles". They need to have their faces washed on a daily basis. Also, th

Photo Will my bulldogs head get bigger as he gets older?? I have seen some bulldogs with massive heads and

English bulldogs have size variations just as any other breed, depending on his genetics. This doesn't mean that he is not 'registered'. Have you seen his parents? That should give you a good idea

Photo I have 2male English bulldogs, age 6 and 2. They always got along and played together. We kept my

I, too, have an agressive bulldog (female). She played well with our other older dog until she was about 6 months old. Then the battles began. We have just done our best over the last 5 years to ke

Photo My boyfriend bought me a English bulldog puppy for my 51 birthday. I was wondering how do I tell if

The American Bulldog will be as big as a Rottweiler or bigger, and weigh over a hundred lbs. English will be a foot tall and weigh around fifty lbs. full grown.

Photo What can be used to reduce or eliviate smell of dogs coat.

Feed you dog a raw diet of meat, bone and organ meats and once a week raw green tripe. Of course, transition slowly (diarrhea) my dog never has bad breath, less gas, drinks less water and always smel

Photo I have an 7-month, male English Bulldog. During the day, I walk him every 2-3 hours and he has not h

I'm not an expert but I think the pads would train your dog that it's o.k. to relieve himself in the bathroom. you may want to remove them and give him a smaller area to sleep in so he won't soil his

Photo we were given an older bulldog and just wondering is it normal for her to sleep all the time. also s

I had my bully until over 12...they sleep all the time. When they are not eating or playing, if they sit around, after a couple minutes thye will always just fall asleep. Mine would sleep on average o

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