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how do i stop the gas problem my english bulldog has? its killing me!!

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Feed it a dog food with less corn and grain by-products. This is hard to digest. Find one with more meat,this will also cut down on bowel movements plus it will eat less because it will digest it better

both of my bullies have been on a raw diet for the past year, and the gas probem is completley gone! It is the grains that cause the gas

We give our puppy a spoonful (tea spoon) of yogurt (Activia) every night before she goes to sleep. It works wonders for reducing gas!!!!

I had the same problem with my bulldog, but I went ahead and started using a raw meat diet from Darwins. Since he has been on this diet he has maybe passed gas 4-5 times in the last 7months.

we put our bully (1-year old) on a grain free diet and that helped a little but from our dog trainer and vet's recommendations - Beano! it's an enzyme and is not harmful to the dog. perfectly safe! it truly works. he comes to work with me and is allowed in the office because the Beano works! good luck!

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