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im desperate for a bulldog however the only problem is i work during the day (mon-fri 9-5) if exercised well at night would this be a problem?

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Exercise is not a massive problem its the companionship it needs, if you can call home at lunch time to let it out to the toilet is shouldn't be a problem. However, they can become bored and depressed.

to start with they can't take lots of exercise. but I think it is hard on any dog to be left alone all day. Mine goes to work with me & every place I go, I do have a doggy door but after reading I have learned that people will steel them right out of your yard. so you want to be very carefully you might get things chewed up & the puppy would pee on the floor with out you having time to train it. this breed needs to be around people to be friendly and balanced.

i disagree im a breeder and have many as pets. keep your pup in a kennel or area that doesnt have carpet. feed and water befoer you go to work then take dog out to do his business then do not leave food or water while you are out. bulldogs can be active dogs. one of my females runs with my labs and is very active. they adapt to your life style

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