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my 11 month bulldog weights 70lb is he overweight?

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I have a 1.5 year old male bulldog and he weight 73lbs. He is very healthy and plays daily. He is hard to keep up with at times. I think it just depends on bone structure and size of parents. His dad is 75 lbs.

My 1 year old bulldog is 77lbs and healthy. The vet said it is determined by thier bone structure.

My bulldog Sarge is 18 months and weighs 80lbs. He gets exercise and plays daily, I think some are just bigger, but doesn't mean their automatically unhealthy.

There is a huge different between an Old English Bulldog and an English bulldog. Pure English Bulldog should not weight more than 55-60 lbs

My male bulldog is 42 lbs at 6 months of age. Any guesses as to his full grown weight and when he'll reach it?

Our 8 year old bullie male is 72 lbs. & our 6 month old female was 36 lbs. at her last vet visit.

The 8 year old & 6 month old are old english bulldogs.

My one year old bully weighed in at 79 lbs. the vet recomended he should lose ten pounds or so. The breed standard for males goes as high as 55 lbs. I believe, But in america they go a little larger. your dog's size should be in line with their parent's wieght. and you should see a noticable waistline on your dog betweem the ribs and hind legs

I have a 10 month male AKC English Bulldog that weighs in at 75 lbs. vet says he needs to go on a diet even though at this time he is healthy and active. Can cause diabetes, heart problems, and severe arthritis when he gets older. How do you put a dog on a diet??

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