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How does the redtick Coonhound act around the age 7 or 8 still very energetic or more laid back? Thanks!

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more laid back but will still keep up or out run most 2-3 yr old dogs. when on the trail and will always be first at tree

My 7 yr old is absolutely awesome. Totally content to run for miles in the wilderness, but also totally content to lie in the sun for hours on end. I make a point to give him a few days a week to have an adventure, but that's all he needs.

my 6 year old english redtick is just as energetic as my 1 year old walker but like any good dog after a nights hunt he wont move all day till evening then he knows it that time again

My old girl was very laid back until she died at 11 because of a larynx problem. She was the perfect pet, very clean and a real clown.

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