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we have our first coonhound.... We need to send his papers in but we are not sure what we should mark on his color???? I also have another question after searching for pictures to send our papers in. Our dog does not have a solid black nose does this mean he is not full blooded???

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I would register as a redtick/bluetick. Hope this helps.

The marbled nose doesn't necessarily mean he's not full blooded, but it's definitely a flaw in the breed, and not a desirable trait to be bred.

some breeders dont like the nose but my redtick has the same thing and is 1 win away from nighting him out. the nose doesnt make the dog its how u train him and make him devote to u dont own him be his partner/team member and reward him when he trees. mainly just by petting him and patting him and ull most likely have a good one if u know how to train 1. sry gotta little carried away there guys

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