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The English Springer Spaniel is a hearty, compact, medium-sized dog. They carry themselves proudly. Their back is level and approximately the same length as the height of the withers. Their limbs are straight and their feet are compact. The breed’s head is distinguished, strong, and sized in proportion to the dog’s body. The length of the dog’s head is approximately the same length as the dog’s neck. They have a moderate stop with a groove that rises between the eyes and disappears into the middle of the forehead. The topline of the skull and the topline of the muzzle are parallel to one another. The English Springer Spaniel has medium-sized eyes that are either brown or hazel in color. Their teeth close in a scissors bite and their ears are long and pendant. The coat of the English Springer Spaniel is medium-length and flat or wavy and feathered. Coat colors for this breed include liver and white, black and white, blue, or liver roan. Flecks of white may or may not exist. Tails of this breed are typically docked.

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Coat colors also include black with white, tri -colored and Liver with white or tri-color.

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The vast majority of English Springer Spaniels are calm, even-tempered, and gentle. They are sociable, outstanding with children, and intelligent. They are playful, quick to learn, and they are obedient and responsive to commands. They are courageous and cheerful, and they love to wag their tails. This breed generally loves everyone, and they are happiest when they are spending the majority of their time in the company of people. If neglected or confined, this breed can become bored and mischievous. Because they love water so much, they enjoy getting wet and muddy. With the exception of birds, the English Springer Spaniel is usually good with other dogs and animals. They are sometimes aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex. As with other popular dog breeds, subtleties in temperament will vary from specimen to specimen.

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18 – 21 inches
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40 – 55 pounds
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General Health

Like many other larger dog breeds, some lines of English Springer Spaniels are prone to hip dysplasia. Because of their propensity to gain weight at a quick pace, owners should take care not to overfeed. Other health concerns include eye problems such as PRA, a certain type of blood disorder known as PFK, HD, and epilepsy. Very rarely seen is a personality problem called “Rage Syndrome”. This disorder is extremely uncommon, and it occurs in many other popular breeds. Rage Syndrome is a treatable form of epilepsy that results in an otherwise normal dog attacking people. Generally, Rage Syndrome is not evident until the dog is two years old. This breed typically lives for 12 to 14 years.

Skin problems are common in this breed in the form of dry scab like patches that show on the stomach.

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The English Springer Spaniel is the founder of all English hunting spaniel breeds. Throughout the Renaissance, these dogs were considered to be the hunting companion of choice by the Europeans. The extreme popularity of this breed started in 1700. The English Springer Spaniel acquired its name from the process by which it flushes game- they are known to “spring” forward to drive birds away from their hiding places. In addition to being a top-notch hunter, this breed is also an outstanding retriever. The English Springer Spaniel has a number of natural abilities including hunting, retrieving, tracking, competitive obedience, watching, agility, and trick-performing.

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The short-coated variety of English Springer Spaniel is comparatively easy to groom and take care of. It should be brushed frequently with a stiff bristle brush. The longer-haired English Springer Spaniel has a coat that needs more attention. Without frequent brushing, they will get mats and pick up burrs. Both varieties of English Springer Spaniels should be bathed only as necessary. Ears should be checked on a regular basis for signs of infection, and excess hair on the feet should be kept trimmed. This breed is a constant moderate shedder.

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Ideal Environment

The English Springer Spaniel is content to live in a small household or apartment if it receives plenty of daily exercise. This breed is adjustable and is able to adapt to life in the city. They are comparatively inactive indoors, and they are happiest with at least an average-sized yard. The English Springer Spaniel will happily accept any amount of physical activity that is offered by its owner(s). They enjoy going for long walks and they love to swim and retrieve. This breed needs a lot of exercise to stay mentally and physically fit.

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English Springer Spaniel Q&A

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What health problems do English Springers have? If the mother seems Ok at age 2y.o does this guarantee there is no problem with "rage"

English Springer's much like many of the retriever breeds in the U.S. are fairly hardy dogs. The most common health issues are the same as with these other breeds and include Hip Dysplasia and Cateracts. Although usually hereditary this is not always the case and it's generally tough to find early in life. Don't let these hold you back to much though, good eating habits and an active lifestyle and help reduce or fend of the affects of any of these problems.


I like to walk on trails in the woods that can become very muddy. Currently i have a lab who is easy to wipe clean. I had an English Cocker in the past and it took a hose or bath to clean him up almost any time after a rainy walk. How much grooming does a springer need?

English Springer's are not much different that the cocker you had. The coat is perhaps a little longer in some cases but it will require the same work. And yes, they love the mud and water.


My english springer spaniel is pregnant for the first time, i was just wondering about how many puppies do they have to a first time litter?

approx 7 puppies is average - good luck


Hi we bought a springer spaniel today, he is akc registered and we did see both mum and dad, howeverer we chose him because he was unusual as he has one brown/hazel coloured eye and one blue eye, but I am now a little worried that this may be problem with his eyes. Anything we should be concerned about?

I wouldn't think so. I've had two spaniels with different coloured eyes and neither had problems with eyesight etc.


We just got a three year old male English springer spaniel. He came from a rescue of a puppy mill in Missouri. They neutered him about three weeks ago and he is still traumatized from the fire the guy set and lack of attention. Is there anything specifically we can do to help him get better?

Hi. I also rescued a Springer from a puppy mill. After about 2 weeks of solid training and socializing her with people and other dogs, she had really come along. I actually took a few days off of work to be with her to expose her to all of the sounds and smells of my neighborhood, and to teach her the basic commands. I introduced her to many of my neighbors and encouraged her to approach other dogs when we were on walks and at the pet store. I've had her for 6 weeks now and she is a totally different dog than the one I brought home! She behaves much better, she's far less shy and everyone tells me how happy she looks. I promise that if you spend time with your dog acting as the "Alpha," he will be much happier and feel more secure. You hit the nail on the head when you said he was traumatized by being neglected. Dogs feel out of balance when they don't have a leader. So, take him on some walks, socialize him as much as possible and teach him some commands. He will LOVE you for it. Good luck!!!!


On average about how much do these dogs usually cost?

We got a very high class hunting Springer for 250 pounds - I'm not sure what it is in dollars if that's your case. She was paperless, but has taken her hunting genes from her dad who was a top hunting dog in the gamekeeper's care. She'll find anything at all on walks and drop it at your feet. It's pretty cute. Good luck finding one! :) They're a joy to have!


Hi also have a registered english springer only 7 weeks old and he has one very promenent blue eye just wondering how unusual this is. He seems to focus just fine. Does any one know anything about this?

I had a Springer Spaniel with one blue and one brown eye. she lasted 14 years and had no eye trouble, could see the very best, until her last 6 months and i put that down to old age not the colour.


hello i have a 12 mnth female springer and was wondering when she will have her first season, what age does it normally happen and when would be the right age to breed her?

Hi, This could be any time, my youngest has had her first season recently at 14 months, but they can come in quite a lot younger.


Hey, I have a 11 month old springer spaniel male, he is a house pet and companion. He is quite good off the lead and walks to heal for short periods of time (off the lead) but still needs some training, however when he is on the lead, he pulls like mad. Yes, I do get embarrased sometimes, but I do love him. I just need to know the best way to tarin him to walk to heal on the lead. Thank You. Bethany.

Our 8-month old springer does just as you describe. He has been to "kindergarden" and that helps. More classes to come. He is our fourth, and high spirits are common and desirable. The short attention span, impulsiveness, and distractability will moderate, so be patient. Enjoy their puppyhood!


i am planning on buying a springer spaniel pup tomorrow he is 7 weeks old is this too young?

This age is not too young. Only 6 to12 wks puppies are usually the age that they for sale.

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