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(King Charles Spaniel) The English Toy Spaniel is a small-sized spaniel with a stout, sturdy frame and a compact build. They have a dome-shaped skull and a pronounced stop. Their deep pug nose is black in color and features a pair of open nostrils. Teeth of this breed are slightly undershot and eyes are large in size, round, and possess a sweet expression. Their pendant ears are long, feathered, and hang down to the sides of the cheeks. The English Toy Spaniel has a long, silky, feathered coat that exists in four color varieties including King Charles (black and tan), Blenheim (white with red markings), Ruby (solid red with a few white hairs or a white chest patch), and Prince Charles (white with black and tan markings). Tails of this breed are typically docked.

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The English Toy Spaniel is sweet, good-natured, and gentle. This breed has a cheerful, loving disposition and they are naturally well-behaved. Sometimes, this breed can be a bit willful, but their non-demanding attitude and quiet, kind demeanor generally make up for this fact. Because of their propensity to exhibit timid behavior, the English Toy Spaniel needs to be treated kindly. They generally get along well with children, but they are usually more compatible with older, more considerate children that are less likely to tease them. The English Toy Spaniel thrives on human companionship, and they are almost exclusively kept as companion dogs. This breed makes a decent watch dog.

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10 inches
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9 – 12 pounds
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General Health

Some lines of the English Toy Spaniel are susceptible to heart disease (MVD) and respiratory ailments. Slipped stifle is also prevalent in some specimens. Eyes and ears of this breed should be checked on a frequent basis to prevent the onset of eye problems and ear infections. This breed typically lives for 10 to 12 years.

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The English Toy Spaniel was developed in the British Isles. It is highly likely that the breed’s origin can be attributed to a variety of early Asian spaniels, and it’s also probable that the Pug was a contributor. The English Toy Spaniel was a coveted possession of British royalty. One variety of English Toy Spaniel, the King Charles Spaniel, was named after King Charles II of England who owned several of these dogs. Throughout the nineteenth century, this breed was bred smaller and with a flatter, more upturned face. The result of these changes produced the contemporary English Toy Spaniel.

This breed was once owned by Queen Elizabeth II.

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The coat of the English Toy Spaniel is comparatively easy to groom and maintain. The coat should be brushed on a regular basis. This breed is an average shedder.

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Ideal Environment

The English Toy Spaniel is well-suited to life in a small household or apartment. They need very little exercise and they are relatively inactive indoors. This breed should be protected from harsh weather climates.

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