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HiWe have a 7.5 month old Eurasier (male, now neutered) who has become very agressive toward me (his primary caregiver). His attacks started with biting my feet right after he was fed and are now not limited to that. He was diagnosed by a vetrinary behaviourist as having anxiety and attention deficit with impulsivity and is now taking Prozac. Unfortunately, while things improved for a short time, they are now worse and we are at our wits end as we love him so much but he is dangerous to live with. Please send any information or advice you have as it relates to the Eurasier breed and how we might handle this.Kind regards.

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I think that maybe the best thing to do is contact the breeder you got him from and let them know whats going on. They should give you the best answer. Ou could also contact the offical eurasier group/club and see if they could give you any advice or find another trainer (a renoun and very knowlegeable one) since he sounds more like he is just food aggressive.

The Chow Chow, Pyrenees, Elk-hound all have aggressive tendencies (ex-specially the Chow) The pyr brings even more INDEPENDENCE in the offspring as does the Elk-hound. It takes a special person who KNOWS the chow to be happy with a chow. I am so sorry to tell you this but you can not change the temperament and character of such a dog, you must live AROUND his behavior and find ways to compensate. It would be best for you to find some Chow owners who could help you in this instance as your breed of dog is not the usual common submissive companion dog that homo sapiens brought out of the wild to live with in peace and harmony, but is a special breed of dog that only few can manage. They will not do well with discipline as most of these dogs fight back instead of back down.

Have his thyroid checked

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