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The Field Spaniel is somewhat heavier as well as longer than its cousin the Cocker Spaniel. Most Field Spaniels have a solid color coat, with the primary colors being black or a liver color. There are some Field Spaniels that have markings, usually tan. In addition, some may also be speckled, which is known as roan. The ears of a Field Spaniel are of a medium length and tend to be fringed and broad.

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Like all Spaniels, the Field Spaniel has an excellent personality, but those familiar with Spaniels will typically find that the Field Spaniel has an exceptional personality. Most Field Spaniels demonstrate an innate independence; but they are also quite affectionate as well as fairly mild mannered. The Field Spaniel is an excellent choice for families with older children due to their playful but sweet temperament. Field Spaniels are also quite active, so it is important that they receive sufficient exercise. When a Field Spaniel is well socialized as a puppy, his personality will develop in a sweet and friendly nature later on in life. Field Spaniels are also known to get along well with other animals, even other dogs and cats. Field Spaniels also have a somewhat sensitive nature, so they should be handled with extreme care and sensitivity with harshness avoided. While Field Spaniels do have a good temperament, they have been known to become neurotic if they are locked away and/or if they do receive sufficient interaction with people. The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure that they are frequently around people.

Most are calm and docile.

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18 inches
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35-50 pounds
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General Health

For the most part, Field Spaniels enjoy relatively good health. The two primary problems that prospective owners should be aware of is a tendency toward ear infections and hip dysplasia. There have also been some problems reported with deafness. In some cases, congenital hearing loss can be a problem. When properly taken care of, a Field Spaniel has an average life expectancy of between ten and twelve years.

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Of English origin, the Field Spaniel is actually a close relative of the Cocker Spaniel. During the late 19th century, breeders commonly exaggerated the natural length as well as weight of the dog. During the 1920s, the Field Spaniel became more popular and remains popular in the show circuits today. As the Field Spaniel has become more popular, it has also risen in prominence as a bird dog due to both its mild manner as well as its tracking, hunting and retrieving abilities. They are also known to make good watchdogs and have consequently become popular family dogs as well. In recent years, there has been a move to bring back versions of the Field Spaniel that is not completely black. Over the year different color variations have included both white as well as black and white. There have even been some that are quadric-colors.

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Field Spaniels do require regular maintenance as their hair should be combed through once or twice weekly. In the event that hair becomes straggly, it will need to be trimmed. This may need to be done every few months. Field Spaniels are prone to ear infections, so this problem can be helped by making sure their ears are kept clean. If the dog will be shown, it will usually be necessary to consult a professional groomer about once every three months. In terms of showing, they are considered to be somewhat high maintenance due to the fact that they will need to be frequently shampooed and combed in order to maintain the show condition of their coats. Having a vet check their ears on a regular basis is a good idea to eliminate the frequency of ear infections. Taking them for a long walk once a day, on a leash, is a good idea in order to make sure they get sufficient exercise.

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Ideal Environment

The ideal environment for a Field Spaniel is one in which he will have plenty of room to exercise and can have a task to call his own. This is not a dog that does well in condos or apartments. They need plenty of room in which to run. Field Spaniels are very much people dogs and require frequent interaction with people in order to do well. They are known to become quite attached to a particular family member. While Field Spaniels are relatively calm dogs, they can become somewhat aggravated when they are pestered excessively, so the best environment is one without very young children. Field Spaniels have deeply ingrained hunting instincts and as a result they do have somewhat of a tendency to wander off. Consequently, it is important that they live in an area with a solid fence to prevent possible problems.

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