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(Brazilian Mastiff) (Brazilian Molosser) (Cao de Fila) The Fila Brasileiro, also known as the Brazilian Mastiff, can be easily distinguished from other breeds by its long muzzle and skin which seems to somewhat hang on its compact body. The skin of this breed is quite loose and thick, particularly at the neck area. Like other Mastiffs, the Fila Brasileiro has a heavy muzzle and large upper lips. This particular breed may be almost any color, including brindle as well as solid colors. Most breeds are black, fawn or brindle. Some may have a black mask, but that is not always the case.

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This particular breed fits in well with families and is known to become a very loving as well as protective family dog. The Fila makes an excellent guard dog. This breed of dog does not need to be trained to protect his family. Once the dog has become bonded with his family, he protects out of instinct. This dog does quite well with families with children and will generally be quite gentle and loving with children, even when the kids get somewhat rough. They are also known for bonding with other pets that are in the family as well. The Fila is most well known as a guard dog, but this breed is also known to be a good hunter as well as to make a good cattle herding dog. While the Fila is gentle with family members, it should be noted that this breed does tend to be somewhat wary with people he doesn't know. In addition, it should be noted that while the Fila can be quite gentle, it can also be very aggressive with owners who do not understand pack instinct and who do not assert themselves as the Alpha in the relationship with their Fila.

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25-29 inches
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90-110 pounds
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General Health

As a large breed dog, the Fila does have a tendency toward some of the same health problems as other large breeds. One of the most common issues is hip dyslplasia. The Fila is also prone to having bloating problems. This issue can be helped by feeding two or three small meals per day rather than a single large meal. Other health issues may include elbow dysplasia. Gastric torsion and CHD are also a possibility with this breed, so it's a good idea to have annual check-ups. When well cared for, the Fila can have a life expectancy between nine and eleven years.

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The Fila is descended from the English Mastiff of the 15th century as well as from the Bulldog and the Bloodhound. The Fila is also known to be descended from Rafeiros. From each of these breeds, the Fila gained several distinct features, including its strong sense of smell and loose skin from the Bloodhound and its disposition from the Mastiff. Over the years, the Fila has served a number of purposes, including acting as tracking and hunting dogs in Brazil as well as in Europe and North America. Today the dog has been banned in certain countries due to the fact that the Fila has the potential to be quite aggressive when not properly socialized.

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The Fila is a fairly easy dog to groom due to its short coat. This breed is not a heavy shedder and requires shampooing only when necessary. A bristle brush can be used to comb the coat and keep it looking good. Due to the dog's large size, daily walks are important to assure the Fila stays in shape and burns off excess energy. Due to the fact that Filas do have a tendency to be wary around strangers, it is always important to make sure the dog is on a leash when walking in public. It's best to plan walks at the same time every day with this breed.

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Ideal Environment

While the Fila is an excellent family dog, he will do best in an environment where there are not a lot of friends and family members that live outside the home coming and going. The ideal owner for a Fila will be one who can be dominant and understand the Fila's nature. The Fila must be properly socialized as a puppy to enjoy the best results with this dog. Filas that are not properly socialized as a puppy will tend to be even more distrustful of strangers, which may be difficult if the owner has a lot of visitors. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have a solid, high fence when you own a Fila. This is not a dog that does well in urban environments. The Fila is not suited for living in an apartment due to its large size. The Fila will do best when he has a large, fenced yard in which he can run and work off excess energy.

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I intend to buy a puppy of fila brasileiro (a male puppy) and I am wandering whether it's a good thing to buy a puppy in october (that's the best time for me). I'll keep it in the yard, it'll have a thermally isolated dog house but I don't know if that's enough.

As long as the pup is warm and he bonds with you and/or family

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