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(Suomenajokoira) (Finsk Stovare) The Finnish Hound has a coat that is dense and short. It also tends to be quite coarse as well. Many Finnish Hounds are tan with black markings that resemble a saddle. They may also have small white markings as well, particularly on the feet, chest and tail. Other features of the Finnish Hound are quite similar to other breeds of the Hound class. For example, this dog has a relatively lean build, when kept in good shape. The ears are somewhat short. The tail may have a white tip on the end.

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The Finnish Hound is known for having a disposition that is calm and friendly. This is not a dog that is aggressive by nature. Due to the fact that the Finnish Hound has been used frequently as a hunting dog throughout history and was actually bred for that purpose, it can be quite eager to track prey and is known for being able to work independently while tracking prey. Due to its gentle nature, the Finnish Hound can be a good family dog and get along well with children. Potential owners should be aware of the fact that this breed of dog can be a 'barker', which may disturb neighbors which are quite near by. In fact, the Finnish Hound can be quite passionate in its barking once it has caught the scent of a prey.

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20-24 inches
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45-55 pounds
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General Health

The Finnish Hound enjoys good health and does not suffer from many serious health conditions. When taken for regular checkups and provided with a well-balanced diet and sufficient exercise, the Finnish Hound can be expected to have an average lifespan of about twelve years.

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The Finnish Hound was originally bred for fox and hare hunting. The breed first appeared during the 19th century from a breeding program that featured German, Swedish and French hounds. Today, the Finnish Hound is one of the most popular working class breeds in Finland. This breed is also quite popular in Sweden but is not often seen outside Finland and Sweden.

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The Finnish Hound is not a difficult dog to maintain. The short coat makes grooming fairly easy and the Finnish Hound will only need occasional brushing and shampooing to keep the coat in good condition. A firm bristled brush will need to be used in order to keep the coat of this dog looking healthy and shiny. Mild soap should be used when shampooing the Finnish Hound. The Finnish Hound is not a heavy shedder; average shedding should be expected with this breed. This dog's nails will need to be kept trimmed on a regular basis to make sure the dog does not experience any pain. If the owner is not able to do this carefully, then it may be necessary to take him to the groomer on a regular basis. The Finnish Hound does require sufficient exercise, so in addition to providing at least an average size yard for this dog, it is also important to take him on brisk walks. When walking in a public area, it is a good idea to keep this breed on a leash. He is not usually a danger to others, but there is a possibility that he would catch a scent and want to wander off, so a leash can help to prevent this.

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Ideal Environment

The ideal environment for the Finnish Hound is one in which he will have sufficient space to run. This is not a dog that would be well suited for apartment life. Due to the fact that the Finnish Hound is a hunting dog, it will have a tendency to catch a scent and wander off, heedless of danger. As a result, it is a good idea to make sure that a secure fence is provided to ensure this does not happen. While brisk walks are a good idea for this dog, it will always do best when it has plenty of room in which to run at its pleasure. A moderately sized yard or frequent opportunities to run off the leash in another secure area are the best approach with this dog. The Finnish Hound would also perform quite well in an environment in which it has a task to perform, ideally one which is suited to tracking and hunting. This is what this breed was bred to do and it will be happiest when it has sufficient time to run off excess energy and a job to perform. The gentle and loving nature of this dog requires an owner that is also gentle and loving. A harsh approach does not work well with this breed of dog. Finnish Hounds are ideally suited for loving owners who can appreciate their tracking abilities.

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