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(Suomenpystykorva) (Finsk Spets) (Loulou Finnoi) The Finnish Spitz is quite well known for its golden hued coat. It is frequently likened to a fox because the two share similar colored coats. The coat of the Finnish Spitz can vary between a golden red color and a honey color. While adult dogs are well known for their coloring, puppies are actually born much darker colored. It is not until later that they acquire the renowned red coat. While most Finnish Spitzes have the traditional red coat, there are some dogs that may have small white markings. The lips as well as the eyes of the Finnish Spitz are black. The eyes of this breed tend to be almond shaped. Ears tend to be pointed with this breed. The tail of the Finnish Spitz will curl up over the dog's back. The coat of this breed is somewhat thick and of a medium length. The Finnish Spitz also has an under-layer of hair that is straight.

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The Finnish Spitz is a very lively, friendly and alert dog. It is also known for being quite playful and will requite a significant amount of attention as well as affection from owners. Finsih Spitzes have developed a reputation for being brave as well as protective. This is a dog that does quite well with families, particularly with older adults and children. One of the reasons that a Finnish Spitz does well in families with children is the fact that it tends to mature somewhat slowly. While other dogs will reach maturity before the age of two, the Finnish Spitz will often not mature until at least age 3 ½ and sometimes not even until age 4. Potential owners should be aware that this dog can be somewhat aggressive if not provided with proper obedience training. This is particularly true among male dogs. Proper training and assuring that the dog knows who is the leader will help to curb this problem. The Finnish Spitz can be somewhat shy around strangers, but tends to get along well with other pets in the family. Owners should be aware of the fact that this is a barking dog. There are even contests held in Finland to determine how many times this breed can bark per minute. It is not unknown for this breed to bark more than 150 times per minute. It should be noted that the Finnish Spitz will quickly alert a family of a visitor's presence, but this is not a dog that was bred to be a guard dog. When left outside for long periods, this dog's barking will likely increase.

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15-20 inches
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31-35 pounds
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General Health

The Finnish Spitz is also known for having excellent health. Of all the dog breeds, the Finnish Spitz has one of the lowest known rates of developing problems with hip dyslpasia as well as PRA. When provided with good care and frequent check-ups, the Finnish Spitz has an average life expectancy of between twelve and fifteen years.

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The Finnish Spitz originally hailed from the central Russia area and was brought to Finland to serve as a hunting dog. The Finnish Spitz is considered to be the national dog of Finland. Today, this breed is popular throughout the world, particularly in Scandinavian countries.

The roots of the Finnish Spitz can be tracked down to the Finnish-Ugric people close to the Volga river, but the breed only started to form in its present shape several thousands of years ago, when the ancestors of the present Finns came to the area of today's Finland. In the year 1889 Finnish kennel club was founded with a purpose to form two official dog breeds: Finnish Hound and Finnish Spitz. The official description of the Finnish Spitz was written down in 1892 already and the breed got a solid base population in the early 1900s.

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When it comes to grooming, the Finnish Spitz is not as high of a maintenance dog as it might appear. Like many Arctic dogs, the Finnish Spitz has a coat that is self-cleaning. Due to the length of the dog's hair, it will still require frequent combing. The Finnish Spitz is not known for developing a doggie odor, but will require regular shampooing to keep the coat looking shiny and healthy. Seasonally, this is somewhat of a heavy shedder.

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Ideal Environment

Unlike a lot of dogs, the Finnish Spitz does not necessarily require a large yard, provided that it is provided with ample opportunity for exercise, such as frequent walks. A Finnish Spitz will require long daily walks. It also performs well when jogging and will do quite well as a jogging companion. This dog will do fine in an apartment when provided with exercise, but apartment dwellers should be cognizant of the dog's tendency to bark, which may annoy neighbors. When indoors the Finnish Spitz has a tendency to be somewhat inactive. This breed of dog will be quite happy to lie at his owner's feet at night provided he has had proper exercise during the day. This dog also has a preference for cooler climates versus warmer climates. When in warmer climates, this dog may have difficulty adjusting to the heat due to its coat as well as the fact that it was originally bred in cooler climates. The Finnish Spitz is an excellent birding dog and will also do quite well in families with children.

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