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(Le Fougueux) (Epagneul Breton) (French Brittany Spaniel) The French Brittany is a breed that is much like the American Brittany. One of the primary differences between these two breeds of dogs lie in the way in which they hunt. French Brittany dogs tend to have a hunting style that is somewhat stronger. The coat on the French Brittany is flat and of medium length. The French Brittany is actually the smallest of all of the pointing breeds of dogs. The tail on this dog tends to be short or completely non-existent. Overall, this is a very compactly built dog. The French Brittany tends to have feathering on the legs as well as on the chest area. Many French Brittanies have a coat that is a mix of white and reddish brown, but there are also dogs that have a mixture of black and white as well. Some spotting of color may also be seen as well. The nose on this breed of dog is often brown, but it may also be pink as well.

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This is a dog that is quite vigorous and is very active. Its loyal nature makes it a good companion as well as family dog. The French Brittany also has a tendency to be quite obedient, which also makes it ideal as a family dog. This breed of dog is known for getting along well with children, even when they play rough, as well as other pets within the family. It should be noted that this breed of dog may need to be trained not to chase other family pets. The French Brittany is quite obedient and will enthusiastically obey its master. Because of this it will often perform well in obedience training classes. While the French Brittany is a good companion and family dog, it is not known to be a good watchdog. During field work, care will need to be taken to ensure that the dog does not wander off.

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17-21 inches
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30-40 pounds
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General Health

The French Brittany is not known for experiencing a lot of serious health conditions. Still, it is a good idea to take the dog in for regular check-ups to stay on top of any possible health problems that may arise. The two most serious health conditions which French Brittanies may experience are epilepsy and vision problems. Like many dogs, French Brittanies may also experience some problems with hip dyslpasia. Some French Brittanies may be prone to ear infections, so it is important to keep their ears clean. When properly cared for and given regular check-ups the French Brittany can be expected to have an average life span of between twelve and fourteen years.

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This dog was originally bred specifically for bird hunting. It is a gun dog as well as a pointing dog, which means that it lies down directly in front of prey and allows the hunter to reach the game. This particular breed is referred to as a French Brittany because there are two different Brittanies. The American Brittany hails from the U.S. while the French Brittany hails from France. It is not known exactly when or how this breed arose in Europe. Some experts due tend to think that native hunting dogs of the Brittany region of France were bred to pointing dogs from England to develop this breed. The first breed standards for French Brittanies were not written until 1907. The French Brittany was first imported to the United States in 1931.

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The French Brittany will require combings several times per week as a result of its medium length coat. When necessary, this breed of dog will require either bathing or a dry shampoo. It is important to carefully check this breed’s ears on a regular basis due to the fact that it may pick up ticks if it has been outdoors, especially in brushy areas. The ears of this breed will also need to be cleaned regular and checked often due to a tendency toward ear infections. In terms of shedding, the French Brittany is a light shedder.

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Ideal Environment

This is not a dog that does well when living in an apartment. When they are indoors, they have a tendency to be quite active. Ideally, this dog will do best when it has not only a large yard in which to run in, but several acres on which to romp and play. This dog has a tremendous about of stamina and will perform best when it is given ample opportunity for exercise and play. This breed of dog should be taken out for daily jogs and walks. The French Brittany is capable of adapting to almost any weather as well as any terrain and does not necessarily need to live in a particular region. They do well in conditions that are damp and cool.

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